These are the women on US death row they make 2% of the total death row population

After the lady who was executed last month for womb abduction which shook the world, since she was the first woman to be executed in over 60 years thanks to Tulumpu Hurry to kill people before he was out of office. Executions happen but not at the frequency of the last Trump days. It bought to my attention, the other side of true crime, retribution, it’s interesting to note that most deathrow inmates spend 10 to 20 years on death row before they exhaust all their appeals. Even then they can request the governors of their respective states to commute their sentence to life imprisonment. In Kenya we have Ms. Ruth Kamande on death row and 3 months ago her appeal to have her sentence commuted to life imprisonment was thrown out by a 3 judge bench.

The last person to be executed was Dustin Higgins who was present when 3 young black women who him and his 2 buddies picked from another state for a house party were driven to a reserve and shot execution style after one of them declined Mr. Higgins sexual advances. Mr. Higgins did not pull the trigger but his 2 accomplices took a plea bargain for life sentence and said that Higgins ordered the hit. So the 2 are on life imprisonment but Higgins was executed by lethal injection late last month in spite of protests from celebrities to spare his life.

February has no executions and we have 4 people scheduled for execution in March, the first is ibarra ramiro rubi who raped and murdered a 16 yr old girl at age 32,he is now 66. The average will be one execution a month going forward. All those scheduled for 2021 are male inmates.

Here now are the ladies who make up 2% of inmate population on death row USA. Plus the crimes they have committed.