These Are The Things We Need.

@admin @admin @admin @admin @admin @admin Angalia vitu zile members wanalilia.
HTML5 video and audio attachment player

Next and previous links for easy navigation between each thread.

Na pia hii kitu ya Random Thread generator sio mbaya ukiweka.

Add these things kijiji ichangamke. Let it be an early Christmas gift.


i support. Xenforo addons are so easy to install sijui mbona admin hajaeka

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Here is a link you can post that…:):slight_smile:

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me too ata kama sijaelewa vitu zingine hapo!

These are demands not suggestions.


Pia font ibadilishwe to sans serif

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I think changing these stuff takes money… As to per my knowledge, this site generates 0 so why would Admin entertain the idea of incurring costs?