These are the jets you've been hearing in our Kenyan airspace

Northrop F-5

The Northrop F-5 is a family of supersonic light fighter aircraft initially designed as a privately funded project in the late 1950s by Northrop Corporation. There are two main models, the original F-5A and F-5B Freedom Fighter variants and the extensively updated F-5E and F-5F Tiger II variants.

Cost: US$2.1 million

Max speed: 925 mph (Mach 1.4) at 36,000 feet. Maximum cruising speed: 640 mph (Mach 0.97) at 36,000 feet

Service ceiling: 50,500 feet.

First flight: F-5A: 30 July 1959; F-5E: 11 August 1972
Introduction: 1962
Manufacturer: Northrop Corporation
Number built: A/B/C/D: 1,204; E/F: 1,399
Produced: 1959–1987

Ancient coffins

Obsolete caskets

Kenya can’t afford modern military aircraft, instead we buy outdated 2nd hand aircrafts from the 70s and 80s plus repurposed crop dusters

Its a shame… yet Uhuru’ and Rutos cronies are stealing sack loads of money.

What is wrong with living within your means inclusive of looting factored in?

I think we can afford it but procurement fat cats would commit daylight robbery.

To all the hooligans shouting ‘Kenya can’t afford modern jets’

We can, but Kenya’s main priority at the moment is economic growth; We have infrastructure to develop and debts to settle.

Military jets don’t impress me anymore as an avgeek.

The future is UAVs - military grade.

Predator and reaper drones are the shiett.

But KDF been buying attack helicopters which are also good

I agree. Very deadly machines but the cost is prohibitive.

"The Predator platform with armed payload, as in missiles and laser-guided bombs, costs nearly $100 million apiece, "

At that price point you can acquire a couple of F16s.

Every Kenyan budget i have listened to since the early sixties was premised on economic growth. By now, then we should be manufacturing these jets

Advanced weaponry are not just sold to any Tom, Dick and Harry because they can afford them, there are many factors at play; stability of the nation buying them and importantly “what if the country buying goes to war with you or your ally or loses it to an enemy?”
Japan has severally begged USA to sell it F22 but Americans have refused to sell such an advanced weapon to anyone.
Kenya can can borrow tenfold and afford one F15, but be assured US will not sell to Kenya. Somalis wataweza kunyanganya wakenya hapo Eastleigh airbase.

Toa upuss hapa. You think buying military hardware is as easy as buying obambla kwa solo vile umezoea? The source country can’t just allow you to buy their latest technology just coz you can afford.

Exactly. You spoke just a moment before I spoke. 8-4-4 really messed up Kenyans such that hawawezi process simple concepts.

True. There are other prohibitive factors beyond cost. It would be imprudent on their part to sell advanced military hardware to every bozo with deep pockets. For example, the Chinese and Russians can easily reverse-engineer the tech and the U.S. would lose their edge. They would only need to buy one or two pieces before arming their armies with replicas. Even worse, they can engineer defense systems specifically for that weapon once they learn how it works.

Planes like F15 are sold to any nation that is half stable if they can pay for it. Export ones are different anyway. Kenya just cannot afford it well enough to make sense. Pilots infrastructure, equipment for maintenance, ground crews etc are expensive. Then again we need other equipment and transport aircraft more than we need fancy dogfighting planes.

Shida ni restrictions lazima twende kwa congress to beg ndio tuuziwe. Kenya need KAMOZ K52 alligator attack helicopter. F15 Can handle our need ama tuuziwe TOMCAT F14. Pia sukhoi S27 flanker iko chonjo.

What’s happening in Ukraine, even with the said advanced weaponry?

We need to first get the simple arithmetic of election vote counting before we are entrusted with such advanced gadgets.
Or at least our work ethics as far as “cutting corners”…….