These are pictures that @spear and Natty D would'nt like you to see

ama aje cussin




A gang of thieves

We actually don’t care anymore. Tunangoja 2022.

Am still waiting for the day people will understand the “same monkeys different forest” quote

The day Kenyans realize that these clowns only care about themselves is the day our motherland will take off.

From the horse’s mouth.
Take it from me this bromance is headed nowhere.

You were defending some of them not too long ago.

Flocks together

2022 naona opposition ikiwa na pesa wacha ni join mapema… wait opposition ni gani?

I trully believe the current opposition can not deliver Kenya. That does not mean I support the ineptitude of the sitting government.

nigga, these two are childhood friends. When their fathers were president and Vp they used to visit each others homes on a Sunday like this…think bro think

Are you stupid or just trying to be?
Raila was born in 1945, Uhuru in 1961.
That’s a generation apart unless RAT had been assigned duties to go and babysit the toddler in Gatundu.

Raila baby sitted Uhuru,do some research

One party state!

Go and bring your research here.

The Jaramogi children grew up with Kenyatta’s. I am older than Uhuru but my sister Dr Wenwa is his age mate".

Uhuru on the other hand is known to privately caution his aides not to personalise criticism against Raila and to confine themselves to the political side of the son of Jaramogi.

He went on: “We have nothing personal, just individual political rivalries and that is understandable. In fact last night when flying back from Mombasa I shared seats with Kristina Pratt (Uhuru’s sister) and Muhoho. We had a good time.”

It was vintage Raila in Mombasa last week when he appealed to Kenyans to vote out Uhuru and his deputy, Ruto, accusing the Jubilee administration of fostering corruption and tribalism and driving Kenya into debt. But this is not the Raila the Kenyatta family rallied around when he underwent brain surgery in June 2010.

As he lay in a recovery bed at his home in Karen, he received a visit from the Kenyattas, with goats in tow and an assortment of foodstuff.

Says Kiambu Women’s Rep Anne Nyokabi, who is close to the Kenayattas: “All the President’s aunts and uncles went to Karen. We had goats and food. We wanted to wish Tinga well because he is a friend.”

Read more on the link provided

I give you time to make up your mind then come back.

uhuru was only three when raila’s father was vice prizden

Kumbe RAT ni midget?[ATTACH=full]164175[/ATTACH]
We shall not kneel to make our shorter brothers feel good.

@LeoK a majority of team nasa na UOTP never knew that until the handshake. Thats why they paid with their lives and tears.

Whereas the othe team read RWNEEBP voted and went ahead with their daily activities