There's nothing wrong with being a one party state

South Africa is virtually a single party state but is not even on the path of failed states. The thing with SA is that the party organ is more powerful than the party leader. In Kenya the party has its ‘owners’ and they wield the power. The party/legislature is controlled by the executive and that is where the tragedy lies. Once the executive seizes control of the judiciary as it is priming itself to do then there will be no one to question the excesses of the executive and we will eventually end up as a banana republic. The only real winners then will be UK, WSR and the people close to them. Only problem is power doesn’t last forever and when the shoe ends up on the other foot then they are the ones who’ll be clamouring for institutional changes/reforms. To Jubilee sycophants just know that you will not benefit from the path we are heading unless you are close to the powerful forces.
Conclusion: We can effectively be a one party state but only if the party has control over the executive and not vice versa.

Meanwhile we fuck, just fuck no matter the weather. Even if the sun is overhead at the Equator we fuck because man’s not hot.

i advocate for fewer political parties like say 3… this will make parties to be powerful and able to penalize rogue members. this will in a big way fight the tribalism in this country.

one party is like opening a corruption whats App group. You cant bring changes unless they eat.

Eeehh who knew the Tigrinya of Ethiopia would crumble. Heed advice

There are rivalries even within those socalled big parties. That strategy is not the silver bullet that will end tribalism.

Rivalries are there since there is an escape window. if you feel you have a big following you tend to bulldoze other party members. fewer parties will ensure the pary is bigger than the politician…imagine if Jacob was in Ke with the type of parties we have…do you think he would have stepped down?

You are deluded if you think South Africa is a One Party State.
The ANC has never controlled the Western Cape which is ruled by the DA and keeps flip flopping with them in the Northern Cape.
Last Year, the ANC lost Johannesburg and Pretoria(Tshwane) to the DA and had Nelson Mandela Bay snatched from them by a coalition of the DA and the EFF.
Today, the ANC rules from a DA controlled city and Parliament, where the ANC holds a majority is in Cape Town, a city controlled almost wholly by the DA.
In KZN, there is a plan by the DA and the Inkatha Party to gang up and reduce the ANC majority.Very possible starting with Durban where the DA got 40% of the vote last time and the ANC got 46%. They want to replicate this across KZN.
Your claim that South Africa is a One Party State would have been true in 1999.Not from 2015 onwards.In fact, South Africa may be ruled by the DA from 2030 onwards

The EPDRF is still in power and the Tigrinya who control it may choose another Meles Zenawi who will silence the opposition.
The former Ethiopian PM was NOT a Tigrinya.He was from one of the small Cushitic tribes in Southern Ethiopia.
The Tigrinya will be in power, bar a massive revolution, for the rest of our lifetimes.

A guide to South African political parties

I think there’s a long way to go and who knows, with the ascension of Ramaphosa to the presidency the party may just become rejuvenated and their dominance strengthened.

One party,2 part… etc work only if you have a free and effective press and judiciary along with an educated and enthusiastic electorate.

Not with the closeted EFF admirers who never defected ever wanting to make a power grab from the pro big business faction that Ramaphosa belongs to. The ANC is heavily divided.The EFF and DA are not.

The leader of the ANC is ATM guaranteed the presidency and a majority in the houses. This will remain so for a very very long time. That makes SA virtually a single party state. Other parties may continue to reduce ANC’s majority with every election or Ramaphosa may just revive the party to reclaim part of its lost popularity. Either way ANC will remain the dinosaur for the foreseeable future.

The ANC is NOT guaranteed a majority in the houses.Again, the ANC lost Pretoria and Johanesburg and they are well on the way to losing the entire Gauteng province next year. They lost Nelson Mandela Bay and if the DA-EFF coalition there is able to make Port Elizabeth a success, you can bet the rest of Eastern Cape may opt for the DA ,especially next year.more DA members will join Parliament in 2019. Northern Cape will also flip to the DA. In KZN, Durban will flip

Time will tell. Isn’t it just next year? We shall revisit.

Ref: 1984 by George Orwell