There's no wall for men

All it takes is the will power to change your current situation.[ATTACH=full]287089[/ATTACH]

By power you mean money? Coz its the moany.

Will power. Instead of a guy eating nyama choma and drinking beer every weekend he can hit the gym and get healthy diet

amazing…sahii angekuwa anakaa kama a 2 weeks dead

Wall ya wanaume ni finacial clock…


Nobody is ugly, just broke… this guy can afford the best of everything its only fair for him to take advantage.

Men’s wall is financial. Grow old and be broke utajua hujui.

Jowie has hit the wall at 31 years

Wall iko buda. Ukisota na ukae kimandazi bila mwelekeo, wall unapiga headi.

Men are expected to perform.

To be successful, to get the girl, to live a good life, men must do. Whether it’s riding wheelies down the street on your bicycle to get that cute girl’s attention or to get a doctorate degree to ensure your personal success and your future family’s, Men must perform. Women’s arousal, attraction, desire and love are rooted in that conditional performance. The degree to which that performance meets or exceeds expectations is certainly subjective, and the ease with which you can perform is also an issue, but perform you must.

(Tomassi, 2015)

A man is not judged by his looks but by his achievements. Thats why Jowie has hit the wall at 31 years yet Uhuru kenyatta can steal your girl at 57 years…its that simple

Truer words my fren


:D:D Stop giving yourselves stress. Financial wall ni ya kila mtu, even women. A few slay teen queens here and there don’t speak for all femdom. Even we have to hustle hard or get beaten by life.

Show me your ways master.

Madam, kwa hizi streets, it is a sin not to, at the very least, try to improve your lot in life. Kama ndume, you have to fight for your place in this world, no matter how small. A man is not simply just handed the title man, he has to fight for it, earn it and keep fighting for it. Status is lost far more easily than it is gained. Na before uanze mambo ya ‘toxic masculinity’,‘fragile masculinity’ and ‘rigid gender roles’, kumbuka at the end of the day, if a guy is not on track to getting his act together and aspiring towards getting to the Pinnacle of his vocation, the wall will loom large and cloud every aspect of his existence.

Rollo Tomassi. The Rational Male: Preventative Medicine.

Rollo makes alot of sense. Got all of his books on audio

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