There's no maternity leave in US?

Haiya? @Simiyu22 is this true? Us we are waiting for the 6 months maternity leave bill to be passed by Parliament in the next house. A 3rd world country that time US does not have maternity leave?

Iko but not paid leave. Ukienda hakuna salo

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It’s not called maternity leave. And then it varies from employer to employer. Typically women combine sick time and vacation time to get full pay. You can get additional time without pay using Family Act or partial pay using short term disability. I saw most women gone 2-3 months after childbirth.

Meaning that the doctors must write you sick off and you must have not gone on your leave for at least a year or two just to get maternity leave? Wow. I told you Kenya is a good place. I was also watching how day care is expensive there. Here we get fully paid maternity leave for 3 months. Househelp is paid 7k and daycare is very affordable when you are in between house helps. You can combine with your normal leave. There was a bill in parliament for women to get added 3 months but the last three months are unpaid. Which would be OK especially for multiple births and for exclusive breastfeeding. What I don’t understand is how women there raise kids without a house help. Here everyone has house help even those who have no kids or whose kids are grown.

In any developed nation (UK, Australia, Canada, Germany……) hakuna mambo ya mboch. You and your husband figure it out. So you get to spend a lot of time with your kids. Kumbuka the discussion we had about a father playing with his kids :):slight_smile:

But there’s ways to do it. Many people have their mother move in with them. Great option by the way. Or there are ladies who take care of kids in the neighborhood. Remember locals have their extended families around, so they can pool a family member to care for their kids.

Kenya is good no doubt. But remember there’s a completely different life outside our borders. Ata travel to Central Africa utashangaa.