There's always a David Ndii tweet.. Lulz


@Sambamba hio LULZ huwa ni nini ? ya nini? achia wamama kama @ChifuMbitika na homosexuals kama @magreb expressions zingine


Inasemekana he’s on his way out… Served his purpose by selling the bottom up thing, now he can go back to dazzling first years with it…

He thinks thats its cool. He cannot get over the fact that he is now in his late thirties but still using terms such as lulz. huh

Huyu Ms. Lulz ananyesha. Usimfanye akue emoshono.

Ata mimi ushangaa!!

Lulz is laughing out loud

Ni cousin ya LoL na LoLest

Huyo ni @Sambamba waciuri mnaokota maleft right banae.:D:D:D