There's a special place in hell for this Jewish Former US secretary of state.

In my generation US sec of state tunatambua Ni Powel , Condi na Albright .

Huyo ni Albright


Somehea huyu Mgisu bompe ya sangara inamaliza yeye.

Inakaa wewe ndio bompe ya sangara imemaliza

What of this other Democrat from Kogello Kenya??!

Body count = Syria, Libya, Yemen, Tunisia , Egypt, Palestine, Sudan etcetera etcetera.

American has done what it has had to do in order to maintain sanity in the world. After WW2, the world has never gone into another global war. This can be highly attributed to the US playing it’s role of Big Brother. Any small nation that tries to create turmoil is whipped into silence, casualties notwithstanding.