There Will Be No Referendum!!!

I just laugh when I see some people become excited because some counties have passed the bbi bill. There will be no referendum before elections. The injunction by the court will remain untill all the cases against this referendum are heard and determined. Remember, it get to August before these cases are determined (which will certainly happen), mambo ya referendum ni kalash. Cases take ages to conclude so 2022 may find us here before the detrmination of these suits. Anything happening as at now is just theatrics. Mtu mjanja aanze campaign za 2022 instead of za hii bbi juu hakuna mahali inaenda.

There will BE referendum before elections my fwen. Court injunctions or not.
Hii ni Kenya mdau.

How will it happen with an injuction?

I’m laughing back at you

am also laughing at you. I repeat, there will be no referendum!!!

Hii ni Kenya pwaana

The Line “hii ni kenya” is tired. IEBC was ordered not to conduct the rerendum untill the cases are concluded. It will remain so. Any other sentiment is useless and does not hold any water.

Kenya is hostage to the stupidest of forces. I can’t believe we’ve wasted years discussion this obvious fraud.
At least other countries wanaume hutumia fujo na hatia ya mauti kubeba wengine ! In Kenya our fate is decided by the half baked transparent schemes of simple dudes like kina mlevi Uhuru, fraud Ruto, constipated Atwoli, fading Raila… We have to do better !

BBI ni lazima. A few stupid court cases can’t hold back these mafias

It’s a good thing the IEBC and the current administration have a history of respecting the law.

kuna kitu inaitwa public interest cases. hio kesi inaeza skizwa in a week na imalizwe. usi sahau a corrupt bibi ya Amos Wako ndio ana assign cases to judges . atarushia bbi friendly judges kesi iishe in a day. so as i said earlier @Berlin Oxford you are a fool. be researching kidogo before unveiling your mitura brains in public.

Idiot. The bibi ya wako you are reffering is against this administration. Therefore, she will do everything to make sure these cases are delayed.

you are a larger fool if you cant decipher the Raila-Wako connection. BBI is Railas baby not the govts

sasa umepotea kabisa. The deep state is using baba to pass bbi after apo akanyagwe nje. You are a still an infant in politics I can see

Kuna watu wawili pekee wanaeza zuia BBI. Uhunye na Rao. Hii mambo ingine ni porojo.

Kwanza hizo strategic court cases nani haoni hiyo? Am not for it but don’t raise your hopes na court process

That’s where the real hurdle is. No referendum is happening and the two cannot do anything. You are just overrating them for nothing ikifika August ivi msahau kabisa na hii maneno

Kesi itakuwa concluded on time.The court will agree with some issues and disagree on others,above all it will sanitise and allow a timely referendum

The moment it disagrees on just one issue is the time it will spell doom for the referendum. Just one issue in the cases is what is wanted to stop all this shit


You forget Justice Odunga back in October 2017 ruled that IEBC had not followed the law by planning to use the same electrol officials that had conducted the 08.08.2017 election to carry out the repeat elections. He argued that IEBC was supposed to re-advertise the positions afresh. This was meant to postpone the October 26th elections further like Baba wanted. Let me tell you Maina, out of nowhere the appellate courts quashed that ruling and the following day there was no quorum at the SCOK. The rest is history.

It did not happen as you say. The appellate court just maintained status quo before the hearing and determination of the appeal. In this case, if the decision goes against the bbi proponent and they happen to appeal, the status quo will remain (No referendum orders) before determination of the appeal. Nakuambia hakuna referendum inafanyika!!!