There will be no change even after BBI or P. Mzigo. It's different pitch same players

Hata tupewe katiba ya Sweden ama ya Norway Kenyans will never benefit from it because impunity is deeply entranched. It’s just a waste of time and money.
Judges are corrupt, police officers are even worse. We are doomed.
Different forest same apes.

Bwana Punda …talking of forest and apes…do we have any forest remaining?

Hakuna referendum what we are being conditioned to is a Supper alliance presidency vs a watu wa kawaida presidency.

Bahati mbaya mjama DP Ruto ndio mwakilishi WA hustlers nation. Methinks the supper alliance team, ama let’s just call it as it is The moi, Odinga, Muigai, etc family never anticipated the chicken farmer to make it this far sasa wanataka kumrudisha where they need him

Also pia kuna vile iyo ya Aukot ni Kama uko sponsored to fight iyo ya supper alliance. No punguza mzigo no Referendum ama namna gani

Since you are a distinguished expert in sorcery and foreseeing, tell us who will be the president in 2022 and successive years

@Purple yuko wapi…last time to chat with her alikuwa Mexico border

Huku watu wako na multihandles

Kuna mresh moja ana-come rada sana…hiya @chatur …could be her new handle

In my local pub I found people discussing how they ‘ate’ an NGO money which was meant for drilling boreholes in our area.they are also locals and even their wives go to the already dry river at night to fetch water.during the day hakuna maji coz inafanya irrigation upstream.the leader of the cartel had much to become an MCA.Negroes are like monkeys me included

Not they are like monkeys. They are monkeys

Absolutely…grass eaters

Imagine mzungu ajinyime alete pesa ya mradi na pia alipe some locals wa facilitate but they eat mshahara and also the project money…then they use some to bribe the same monkeys (villagers) to vote for them wakuwe MCA. After kuwa MCA kajamaa kalioa minji ingine na kakahamia Ngoingwa thika…

I say …hii ni monkey absolute grass feeder :D:D:D

:D:D hiyo ni self serving in tru kalass

This brings to mind that issue of Arror and Kimwarer…some of this looted funds are finding there way to churches as tithes and donations…then come 2022 , they will be used to buy monkeys’ votes

but you don’t knw that for sure. you are assuming.