There Will Be Another War In Rwanda Kagame Akitoka.

Rwanda enjoys relative peace only because of Kagame’s Ironfist rule. There seems to be peace but under the surface lays simmering tensions. They’ve never really forgiven each other.

Tema hiyo mate.

I have Tusti friends. They hate Hutus with a passion. It’s not even like Kikuyu/Luo hate. It’s that they look at Hutus like some kind of creatures with venom on the skin. Can’t even touch them. And this is publicly where they have softened their views. So imagine behind closed doors.

I hope not, I’ve been there and it’s easy to see that genocide fucked the country real good and it’s taken so much effort to rebuild Rwanda

That’s what we have been saying all along but we strongly pray that that will not come to happen. Unfortunately, the dictator Kagame though is not making any strides to ensure that he hands over power to a system that will facilitate peace and stability in the country for at least several decades and let the old wounds heal in whichever way. His objective is just to hold onto power, grow his dynasty and suppress any opposition. It’s for these reasons that many people foresee a chilling future.

Fûcker started off well with national healing tribunals but the thing seems to have died off and now it’s just power and more power for him.

You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain!

I don’t know how soon or how severe but it’s clear there will be doom…

This despite how much I believe Kenyans for Kenyans, pan Africanism would save more of these tribal conflicts.

I watched Rwanda TV station some days ago, half of the news is about various people visiting the genocide museums and presentations on how to resist genocide deniers. The anchor tacitly pointing out, “Tutsis killed”, in the past the news was “Tutsis and moderate Hutus killed”.
With this kind of narrative, how can any healing happen in Rwanda?

Ndindu weka jamba chini!

I think its against the law in rwanda today to refer a fellow rwandese as a abatusti or a abahutu.

Simmering tensions you yap about ni jamba ime chika.

@SledgeHammer msenge najua una omba huko kanuke ndio you accommodate your crush ule kwa Rwanda. Huyo ukifunga lazima tukutombeee ndio umeee akili.

If Tutsis and Hutus can’t live together in peace, they should simply bring up a two-states solution. Tutsis should have the northern part and the Hutus to the southern part, while Kigali remains at the centre.

Or have two top leaders at any given time like some European country which I can’t remember its name. Afterall, even a kid can differentiate a tall cushitic Tutsi from their counterparts, the Hutu bantus.

Hapana force love and unity! Hapana colonize each other.

Its true,ingia hurlingham ama kasarani uskie maoni ya tutsis about the hutus. Theres a reason why they are still holding out in kenya

wanasemanga they need to keep the genocide skulls for people to remember but huwa sioni how kukumbuka by future generations how their kin were killed itasaidia.

but maybe it will help coz they tried the forgeting idea after the 50s genocide yet the 90s genocide happened. fact ni kwamba HUtus are the majority it wont be possible to keep them off power, it will only lead to more resentment.

i see the only solution is splitting the country into half and Tutsi waende side yao , thats the only solution .

You have not thought this thing through it seems.

First, how will they demarcate geographical boundaries without resorting to war?

Rwanda is a minoritarian government. A small demographically distinct population dominates all government institutions at the expense of the majority. The Hutu will want a bigger chunk of land because of their numbers but we all know Tutsi entitlement won’t allow it.

Besides, if they resort to the two states solution, it will certainly rope in external actors mainly Burundi and the DRC, because they all have Hutu and Tutsi population among them.

Each of these tribes in the aforementioned countries wataform self defense militias to support their brethren in Rwanda. It is not the first time that that they have done this. There is historical precedence.

The Hutu kwanza have a big advantage in this respect since a substantial number of militia groups in Eastern DRC have Hutu affiliations. Besides the only Tutsi based tribe in Eastern DRC, the Banyamulenge, is hated by all tribes in Eastern DRC because they are not seen to be loyal to the DRC. Rwanda has used them in the past to fight proxy wars in Ituri and North Kivu.

Another advantage they have is that Burundi nayo is majority Hutu.

The Tutsis can’t afford to be the bold when such odds are stacked against them.

Utaona Tutsis wakifukuzwa hizo countries and being told to form their country.

It will create a refugee situation of epic proportions that will go as far as the Rwenzori regions in Uganda.

:D:D:D hata umenisoma

I am very optimistic about the future of Rwanda. Never before has the collective will for peace in Rwanda been stronger and never before have the means been so available. A Rwanda without violence is a dream worth making every effort for. Rwandans who are at peace within themselves have a responsibility to bring peace around them.


Are Hutus(Bantu) and Tutsis(Hamaltic) ethnically different?

Hutu and Tutsi inhabit Rwanda and Burundi in Central Africa.
There are no significant linguistic or religious differences between them
and they both live in mixed settlements

The original inhabitants are Batwa, which in Kenyan political context,Tusti and Hutu ni madowadowa!

Our borders are open to fully welcome their women and girls as refugees, Uganda and Tz can take care of their men. We shall take proper care and maybe upgrade most from refugee status to wife number 2, aanza kureside Kwa mancave