There will be a Luo or Luyha president after Raila exit political stage.

There will be a Luo president after Raila exit political stage. He has prevented so many politicians from Western despite high population in the area. The sooner the best.

Mukhisa Kituyi can make a good president.

Kachagua is the next president 2032-2042.

Miaka haitamruhusu. Ako 71 years. 2032 atakuwa 81 years.

JSKM ni mzee hivi.

Huonangi hiyo koti.

Gachagua is 57 years now, 2032 atakuwa 67.
There is a very high likelihood he will succeed Ruto

:smiley: 57+10 = 62.

:D, hata sikuwa nimenotice hio makosa

Waluhya hawaezi ongoza Kenya…akili zao hufikiria ugali na kupiga simu radio jambo

If Raila has failed,I don’t see any chance unless one is a kikuyu kalenjin project.

Something else people miss,according to KNBS its only Kikuyu,Kalenjin and Somali numbers that keep growing,in the next census kikuyu and kalenjin will be the top two tribes.Somalis will move from current position to either 5,4 or even 3.

Its a hopeless future,maybe Blinken has an idea when he says we need to also learn from other democracies in africa.Maybe go parliamentary,but people said via BBI they want to elect the president directly.