There was that time @Amused tried to be a hero but aliona siku moja ndefu sana.

He tried to take one for the team but watch the way that car swerves towards him. Alishikwa nyeti hadi akasema ni huzzie yake nattydread alikuwa amemtuma…

Naye Kagame juu ni jamaa mrefu inasemekana anapenda range rover @ $500, 000 a piece. He has 4 plus some escalades.

Halafu huyu jamaa YouTube akaniuliza, “@patco have you ever wondered who won the car on the OMO pick-a-box show?!”

Nikasema, “No Google! I am afraid I do not know the answer to this question you ask.”

YOUTUBE :Would you like to find out?

PATCO : No I’m not really interes…

YOUTUBE : Well too late!!! We recommend you watch it now before the world ends!!!

PATCO : Ok fine ! I will watch the darn video.

US wana probox mingi aje :smiley:

ni Chevrolet ndio unaita probox omwami? :smiley:

Umbwa wewe @patco