There was a time...

it is about her personality and character, if you can separate the two from sexuality then you are getting a raw deal…

interesting observation…at one time he was threatening to use his media resources and powers to fight her “tormentors” but then the major shareholders told him to keep his family shenanigans out of their biz…



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Hush hush…shollei is a talker.

Kuna time alikuwa lecturer UON…who was there during that time…hekaya mingi sana ni vile tu Siena skechi wala picha

I know someone who was taught by her. Toa hekaya ata-verify.

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But all your hekayas lack picha or sketch, y not go ahead and post this one as well?

Hekaya ilikuwa ati students walikuwa wanapita na yeye mbaya mbovu

Wapi zinakuwa na picha ma links

Naona leo makopo yamejaa!!.. tafuta outlet na uwache kuota!!