There was a time...

Politics is a men’s game here in Kenya, which is why the few women who make news. Rouse a lot of interest and attention, some of this attention comes from team mafisi members too.

If you can remember, not too long ago before the Waiguru’s and Shebesh’s, there was this lady by the name gladys boss shollei accused of misleading the Judiciary by akina Ahmednasir … bla bla bla …


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I don’t know wherever she disappeared to. But she will be remembered for her bangable nature as one of the country’s top MILF material (publicly known ofc).

Ni hayo tu.

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MILF saangapi mboss? My be I ferk those titties and pass on teh pudenda.

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I would cum on that weave too. lol


hahaha… not in yalls league

aaigh, that smile can deflate a boner from a tree that is already too much willingo_O!

I can make that weave sticky with my cum


kwanza hapa

Hungetafuta better mbicas? Nakumbuka hiyo time akifutwa job team mafisi on twirra walikua on her case mbaya

what if she smiled like that before giving you head. would you re-consider your stance ? :D:D

team nduthi iko break.

Yes she is definately bangable, but its not really worth starting a thread about her. She never portrayed her side as a potential player like akina Shebesh who had suggestive photos doing rounds. If you ask me, you should respect Shollei’s privacy in the same manner she lived in decorum regarding ufisiness.


Leo njaa imezidia wengi!



This post is in bad taste. @admin toa hii kitu.

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I hate her rusty voice and cheap weaves :mad:

Si uweke yako yenye ni better tuone…ama kama huwezi upelekee Mr. Dickhead iyo punani

she was on the news last night after another session on chickengate at integrity house…throwing a tantrum like kabura…

:D:D that’s just sick.


that has nothing to do with her sexuality as this post potrays.

Wonder how Shollei instructs the Chief Editor to report about his wife.