There Must Have Been An Event In Remote Past That WIPED OFF Intelligent Africans & Left Us With Current Breed Of Boneheads

Africa was until around 8th Century AD the center of most civilizations. Going back to the days of Ancient Egypt, Aksum in Ethiopia, Mali Empire to the North East, Great Zimbabwe to the South and many others. All these went down and with them a generation was wiped off. The gods must have altered us Africans and altered our DNA to include a gene for stupidity because ever since the 11th century Africa has been on a downward spin.

Great Zimbabwe Ruins

Aksum/ Axum (Ethiopia) Ruins

no they dint wipe people out, they just packed and left after mining the gold they needed

Slave trade, the best of us were sold to slavery by “guess who” our forefathers!!!

Soma hadithi ya Melchizedek,and his guys

Still happening in modern times… Brain drain of Africa’s intelligent minds to greener pastures in the U.S and the rest is still ongoing…

As a continent, we don’t appreciate the intelligent Africans among us… We do not reward them accordingly, so they seek greener pastures…

There are intelligent Africans among us, but they lack opportunities to express their brilliance. This is why intelligent Africans will always migrate to European countries and benefit those countries.

By the age of 30, most intelligent Africans have come to the conclusion that their potential will never be realized in Africa… So why continue living there?

how could the best of us have been so stupid to be sold to slavery?

Those who are yapping about brain drain and slave trade are not getting the point. The Africans in the diaspora are same as those here in Africa. What the writer is articulating is that at some point, there was an altering of genes in the African society. We were kings and geniuses but how we turned into bonobos and slaves is quite unexplainable.

Same logic , we elect “good leaders “ every 5 years

Intellectual best or physical best ?

Axum was once part of ancient world wide civilization.

The point that you’re making, and that of the writer, are defeatist… There was no altering of genes, we are still the same people as our ancestors…

We were kings and geniuses. That I do not argue against. However, the thing about intelligence is that an intelligent race/peoples will seek to expand their boundaries and seek new experiences. This was demonstrated by the Romans, the Aztecs, the Mongols et al.,

However, the thing about Africa is that its culture is the delimiting factor to its intelligence. The African culture abhors intelligence and this is common among all African cultures…

Even today, Africa does not reward intelligence… Africa rewards compliance and submission… In my experience, intelligent people are neither compliant nor submissive.

I am neither compliant nor submissive.

Then, as an intelligent person, expand your boundaries and seek new experiences… Your future self will be grateful. Go where your talents are adequately compensated with minimal hassle

We worship a foreign god, without a spiritual system the people crumble in the dark