There must be order in this country - Speaker Justus Muturi

We have a problem in this country. A problem of lack of law and order and rampant impunity . As a Kenyan who grew up in the Moi error, I understand what it really means for there to be no law and order and total impunity.

We have systems and laws to help run society smoothly. Not so that people can say we are modern or learned. To run smoothly. I drive to work every day and I always get pissed off, I often reflect alot during my commute if I am not listening to something.

Awhile back I was saying to myself that the chaos on the roads reflect Kenya very well. Here is a boda boda carrying 4 people on the opposite side of the road, who saw the boda boda accident with a safari rally car? A cop is right there next collecting bribes from matatu, laughing with the matatu tout. Meanwhile people are crossing when the lights are green, it’s like you are in a shamba, you can not think this is a capital city in a civilised nation.

Lemme give the youngins the backdrop. A time came when a smooth road was a wonder like Maasai Mara, the roads were full of potholes and we had blackouts for 3 days and nights? Wangari Maathai bleeding for stopping grabbing of Uhuru Corner and Karura forests, Raila Odinga, Matiba in Nyayo torture chambers. The murder of Ouko and Julie Ward. It was like living in a twilight zone. Assassination of Bishop Muge, torture of Reverend Njoya. Yaani things were so thick that we felt like refugees in our own country. Clashes through out elections, mlolongo voting. Kweli watu hutoka mbali.

I remember a meru lecturer who worked for China Road and Bridge saying to us, what else do you expect from Moi? He is a class 7 dropout. We had a minister’s son in our small class and he made sure he told him, you can report me to your father.

Then things started looking up, freedom of speech, multiparty democracy, my hero Raila Odinga was now at the bargaining table with Moi and Moi stepping down WHAT??? Yaani if we have come close to nirvana that was the moment. I was so confident that we were unbwogable that I didn’t even vote. It was amazing to feel like you belonged to a country that could dethrone a 24 year dictatorship. That sense of peace like no more fear, no more hopelessness, no looking around before you can speak openly, no more breaking into media houses by GSU let me tell you, we were unbwogable.

Fast forward 2022, we are now again back to choppy waters, taxing bees and anything taxable. We are now in fear of being killed by police over a curfew meant to save life. Those of you who go sailing you know how you feel when the waves start rising and waters are getting choppy. Yaani you are sitting there trying to look unbothered but you have already started confessing your sins and telling God to give you another chance to live. That feeling refugees feel of not being in control of your environment. Like hujui elections itakua nyumba yako ichomwe. You start from scratch. Your future is actually in other people’s hands, you can hustle build and in one day its burnt to the ground.

Why do Africans who fukuzad wazungu go to mzungu land? It’s because systems are working and they are working so good that people are ready to die in the sea to get there.

Waafrika kwanini hatuwezi tengeneza kwetu, ni kuharibu tuu ndio tunajua? Is it a curse. Ile ya Ham ama coz this thing of wanting to live a disorderly life, a disorganized life and no law and order like we are in a jungle is innate to our DNA.

Jungus are so organized that they left their countries colonized us and sent back the money to build their civilizations. It’s equivalent to Kenyans go to Timbuktu organised by government after explorers seeing good resources then we send the money back to build our country. You say I am racist but frankly speaking how brilliant and organized are these white guys. That was like a century ago for us in 2021 even the most basic thing like law and order kwa barabara ni shida.

I mean we need law and order like Justin Muturi said as he was ombaring the sirkal and yet he is the sirkal. I had a professor who would say, who is the government? The government is you. He hated any answer about the government should do A, B, C, D.

I’m still doing my research to really understand scientifically and historically why blacks hupenda bonoboism.

On a light note, since Rao is a one term president na ashawahi kuface police brutality maybe aneza sort out hii issue.