There might be No VAR in EPL from next season

It needs some fine tuning and probably better training for the operators and refs.

Acha iondolewe.
Tangu ianzishwe, Man U has never been among the best top 4 in EPL.

VAR ibakie ManUre wangekuwa ucl alafu wanatolewa group stage na akina ludorogets banae :green_emoji:

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Mnataka fergie time and other funny tactics that were used to win you matches zirudi? Howard Webb ndie chief referee, a Manu-useless fanboy

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Mimi naona VAR was purposely introduced to punish Man U and a few others falsely.
Yale mabao ya Man u hukataliwa to demoralize players ni mengi sana.

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Maybe you should take lessons from Real Madrid’s latest playbook. Their TV station will air a documentary on the referee who will officiate their next crucial match and amplify his glaring past errors. Worked like a charm against Man city, Bayern and I think Sevilla. Referee is put under pressure mbaya saidi kabla match day


Watu wa Arsenali wacheni Ku vent na Man U.
Tunaongea juu ya VAR, sio Manchester.
Okombe ishaaenda.

Going Going Gone Nothing Left GIF

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