There Is No More Privacy Kwa Hii Dunia

The moment you opened your first email address is the day you lost ownership of every bit of information about you. Google also knows more about you than you could ever imagine.

The more sophisticated your phone is, the more it harvests information about you. Fingerprint Scanner, face unlock are unique pieces of info that google stores about you not to mention all your p0rn searches, all your pictures and many other stuff.

People think that hiding behind a VPN keeps you safe from govts. If govs want you they will just go to a VPN provider who will then give them your real IP and come for you in your bedroom wanking at underage girls.

You phone even listens to you, so does your other so called smart devices.

Ndinduste mjanjes wewe si ukam na your own means of communication that is hack proof. Infact you should modernize smoke that was a means of communication.

What could you be hiding?


[SIZE=5]Agreed, don’t be surprised to find out your fridge is spying on you.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]The level of present day surveillance is unimaginable.[/SIZE]

Adapt and move on! CCTV compromise our privacy all the time in the interest of security. Evolve

What is privacy but some desperate attempt at a small measure of control, I’ll google porn without a care in the world.

Very soon you’all will be living in urban concentration camps the US government has already constructed hundreds ( Fema camps) all your property will be confiscated by government, they are already saying it “you will own nothing and you will be happy” - it’s called agenda 21 and that’s what they mean when they talk about sustainable development .

Ata kwa hii website uki log in and you leave your email open in another tab admin huwa ana phish na kuona all your emails…

Lol, where do I take your email to? In Africa email is not a viable asset compared to tier 1 countries. The most important thing is your mobile number which can be blasted with SMS for conversion of around 1%

Gava haina doh na time ya kufuatilia @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii pale Lumumba drive akiwasha nduthi. Hizi ni moshi ya fuaka

So unataka nishikwe na wasiwasi some whiteboy atanikamia ju ya terrabytes zangu hadi kanthonzweni?:D:D:D
I read somewhere that even the flagged words no longer serve the purpose. Remember ukishtuliwa huezi type jina bomb,osama and other goofy shiet? They realised the perps are using mundane words like cooking,cleaning,weather,underwear…to update each other on progress

i dont care ill keep watching my porn and torrents

So long as even the most advanced govts havent erected a single tent in Mars…they are a billion light years from making us care:D:D:D

I like how admin is tagged in multiple threads yet, like God on Sunday he naps, lakini hii yenye haujamtaja…

And other terms like kuosha mecho, kukamua, kunyonga kanugu, among others.

The FBI has you figured out…

  1. Quadrijoint,
  2. Raymond blanket,

Ile itaniweka wasi wasi ni hizo data za huduma number kuwa leaked. the govt and hackers can read my emails to their satisfaction hakuna kitu ya maana hapo.

Uko nyuma sana. People will continue doing what they wanna do whether their data is compromised or not. No one is squeaky clean even the so called feds or FBI. No wonder watu wabaya hupendwa sana.