There is no Corona Virus in Kenya

This I what am thinking. Our very opportunistic leaders wanted a piece of the billions World Bank is giving out. Corona nayo was taking so long to arrive so they “manufactured” corona cases.

Kenyans tunapenda kupiga picha sana. Am pretty sure photos za hao affected na Corona zingeshakuwa leaked na nurses ama doctors. Stay careful but dont panic.

You all remember patient zero? Yule dame they were saying has the virus then she went online said that it was all lies. Sasa pesa imetoka, can we now have our lives back?


You are the most dangerous kind of a person when it comes to spreading propaganda about such a serious issue. For starters, the lady who went online was clearing her name because people were circulating her pictures online saying that she’s patient zero. She wasn’t. Patient zero is still in quarantine. Secondly, gava pulls such a stunt, affects the economy, disrupts a lot of so many other things just for that money? Do you think our gava is even capable of pulling such a stunt successfully without a gazillion blunders? Wewe bwana, prepare for the corona effects, Wacha propaganda.

Such reasoning ndio inafanya niamini hii kitu itamaliza half the population of Bonobos. The end is here.

You should be arrested ghaseer.

Jamaa uko na ujinga, what fraction is 6 billion in a budget of 3 trillion

On the contrary Corona iliingia Kenya more than two weeks ago, from the info I am gathering online, most people have it but they are not showing the signs.

I believe it came into the country earlier too. The so called patient zero was just the first to be discovered.

Just been in a queue where one guy was sneezing and blowing his nose noisily and apart from me no one else seemed bothered enough to ask all windows be fully opened.
To change some ingrained Kenyan habits will take a very long time.

Kuna jamaa alisneeze na kucough Jana kwa mat mathe fulani Hapo akashout ‘shindwe katika Jina La Yesu’


From what I have read online, sneezing is not one of the symptoms. I have also noticed that so many people have the common flu, which could be a blessing and a curse at the same time. On one hand is the stigma of corona but then again the worry and isolation will help. I am also wondering, if I have the common flu, as it has always been will I develop some form of immunity against the corona? Ama the body’s immunity will already be compromised so I am at a higher risk.



So you think the world bank just issues cheques without follow up of how it’s being spent ,peleka ignorance mbali !


Are you that guy Kicharo?

Oh yes. In fact world bank economists are the first ones to get kick backs. That place and the U.N are a den of corruption. Sijui mbona Trump haja crack the whip on world bank.

They even used to give Moi money knowing full well he will squander it.

Na tena it is a CIA tool for foreign policy control. Just like China has exim bank , the U.S has the world bank among others.

You are not too far off the mark. When you see Gathecha appointing a senior world bank executive to run Kenya’s Central Bank jua tu we are screwed. Halafu mnadanganywa ati he is a catholic “monk” of sorts.

So many articles and even books have been written about the scheming and corruption at the world bank. That bank is lethal.

Whenever they write the cheques there is usually a marked bulking of accounts in Switzerland :smiley:

Hi hata mimi nataka jua coz niko na homa imeanza jana. Sina cough, Ku sneeze tu na runny nose kiasi. Saa nashangaa ama ni homa ya kawaida ama in corona. Nimesusia job hadi nione vile itakua, staki kutoka ikue nitasambaza.