There Is Limitless Energy On Earth To Run Factories, Cars, Trains, Ships But We Are Still Addicted To Oil

All this good technology is suppressed by the powers that be.


A fuel cell is an electrochemical energy conversion device that was invented in [COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]1839 by William Grove to produce electricity by combining hydrogen and oxygen into water. Like batteries, fuel cells convert potential chemical energy into electrical energy and generate heat as a by-product.


Bei ya stima itapanda wadau

free energy


The whole problem of Electrolysis is just like Chicken & Egg problem.

To Split Water into Hydrogen & Oxygen you need electricity which can defeat the purpose if not done efficiently.

Maybe we should return the steam cars?

Don’t downplay stem.

Nuclear Powerplants use steam to turn huge turbines that generate upto 2000MW


fossil combustion produces alot of energy to drive cars ships etc, at the moment there’s no alternative energy storage that can match that capacity or more , maybe nuclear

Nuclear fusion inakuom.

Builders of the Pyramds and other ancient megalithic structures had knowledge about limitless energy.

Making energy into usable form cannot be free.

Ile traffic inapita pale archives, haiwezi generate power…

You use 1 part of electricity to produce 20 parts of water/hydrogen. That’s the key. That’s how all systems work. So no, it’s not chicken & egg problem.

Solar , Wind , Geothermal …
And better storage batteries …
That is the way to go … :D:D