There Is Ethnic Cleansing In The US Targeting Asians: 6 Women Of Asian Descent Killed In Atalanta Overnight

Chinkus are getting attacked at an alarming rate. Inakaa watu wamechoka na wao


Eight people, including six women of Asian descent, were killed during three shootings at massage spas in the Atlanta area on Tuesday.
Law enforcement arrested a suspect, 21-year-old Robert Aaron Long, of Woodstock, Georgia, several hours after releasing photos from surveillance footage near the businesses. There is so far no known motive for the shooting.
“The suspect was arrested without incident and transported to the Crisp County Detention Center,” the sheriff’s office said in a statement on Facebook.
The rampage began just before 5 p.m. at Young’s Asian Massage near Acworth, about 40 miles north of Atlanta. Two people were shot and killed inside the business, and two others died after being taken to a hospital. One other person was injured in the attack.
Two of those killed were Asian women.

Whatever happens in those spas. The guy new that his Ngao fwend was up to sumzing.

Don’t believe them that suddenly there is an increase in anti Asian attacks. They are trying to divert attention from the police brutality of blacks especially in the wake of the killing of George Floyd.

When they are done with this they will revert back to antisemitism and you all have seen the thread I put up on antisemitism

not to trivialise death but how does the death of 6 people who happen to be of the same race in a country with what, 328 million people? amount to ethnic cleansing?

Wacha kuwa sensationalist.

Nah. Asians are not persons of interest to white folks. They are not a threat to them. They are either covering up something or are trying to trigger race divisions.

Ndindu is an alarmist. The world knows that America should not be whining about Al Shaitani terrorists because they need to deal with domestic ‘terrorism’ 1st. However, we cannot just gloss over a few cases and say they are this or that. Jojina does that too. She believes all serial criminals and killers reside in Bidenstan. Yet it is such a huge country made up of kendu 50 states if my geog serves me right?

Chinese are 2billion in number if 50 die it wont affect their population

chapa hao wote stealing american defence secrets and taking to china

Exactly! Notice how they are also blaming this asian hate crime on black folks. They are doing this to reduce public opinion of black folk now that Derek Chauvins case is being heard.