There is a void in people's heart that needs a filling.

Alot of people are looking for solutions and they have tried different places with no real results that’s why you may find well highly cultured educated individuals in cults take for example the beautiful air hostess who left her job and went to join herself with this McKenzie cult, she may be now dead, self starvation,
Meaning even with good paying job humans have exterior facades but interior wise majority are empty looking for a filling and most end up getting the wrong filling, be it religion or drugs or sex, We are a lost generation that needs a serious complete overhaul over our lives.
I still wonder how do Intellectuals end up being brainwashed in cults.

I beg to differ. The reason people going to those cult is be cause of lack of knowledge,ignorance. Kenyans don’t like taking responsibility. We will look for someone to blame.
We want to get richer without breaking sweat. Hii maisha ya siku hizi kama Huna subra na bidii. You won’t make it.

There was a girl an air hostess who left her high paying job sold everything and joined this cult under her parents influence, does this have to do with ignorance? No poverty No their is something beyond material possessions and knowledge both the Intellectuals and the ignorant find themselves in cult’s both the rich and the poor end up here.

The gap that may crave to be filled need not be money or education. People have different perseptions of what would make them complete

That’s why I said lack of knowledge. The Bible is very clear it says we should like the berean Christians. Who examined the scriptures. Jisomee bible yako. Kuna alot of apps which can help you about anything about theology. [SIZE=7]Got Questions [/SIZE][SIZE=4]nice app which help you weed out this charlatans and snake oil vendors.[/SIZE]

Air hostess hawasomangi vitu muhimu.bora uwe mrembo na ujue brands za pombe na kutweng,you qualify

Hii maisha you must strike a balance for all your needs,sadly no one taught these psychological skill set i.e ulevi ni aina mingi pombe,dini,sex,Pesa one must draw that line of obsession or become mad.

Saa hii pesa yote, nitakosa DINI na USHERATI na MADAWA.

Airhostess = glorified barmaid

Belief is very powerful. As humans, we may outwardly appear successful, even happy, but the truth is we all have areas that need working on; it could be education, money, family, business, social relations, career, spiritual growth, health, personality, appearance etc. When we feel lost or defeated, which is normal sometimes, it’s easy to seek refuge in addictions or fanatical ideologies to give us the illusion of being victorious against our weaknesses. The idea is to avoid feeling powerless, and to believe we can conquer anything. It doesn’t matter that this is an existential lie; if you believe you’ll achieve it (eternal life, bliss, entering heaven, meeting 72 virgins,etc.), you’ll give it your all, upto even giving your life, as we know it. This is why some people join absurd groups like the illuminati, alshabab, etc–because, they believe!
The difficult part is in retaining a little skepticism which will tip your subconsciousness when your mind is playing suicidal games on you, and thus pull yourself back from the brink of self-destruction.
That scepticism is what we call common sense, the familiar little quiet voice inside you, developed over the years since childhood, that tells you at the critical moment, C’mon now, don’t be stupid!


Desperate to have solutions for a problem from the pastor

In Islam we worship God directly without any intermediary,not through messiah,saints,idols just as Abraham, Moses and Jesus worshipped their God, without any intermediary.
The business is strictly between the slave and his creator, God the all powerful and all knowing

I was talking with my dad soon after his mum passed on. Before burial…ati now she is looking down on us…and she will be praying for us. He exclaimed and said she is dead and the dead can’t pray for you. Enda direct.


So where do all those terrorists come in?

Very true, unfortunately, if you are to be a ‘true’ Christian/religious person, you need to act like the Shakahola victims! - “You still need to do one thing. Sell everything you have and give the money to the destitute, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come back and follow me - Luke 18:22”

Religion, speaking as a senior bemused back pew warmer, is a system of control and hope by instilling fear of what awaits us in the afterlife for those that don’t toe the line. That is why the starving lady in Shakahola could still whimper in protest as she was being rescued since she saw her smooth entry into paradise being disrupted or delayed or canceled.

The smooth-talking religious leaders are then able to lurch on the verses like the one above and smile all the way to the bank…

Though you do need to be kind and generous to the less privileged, I believe that the instruction that you quoted above is sometimes intentionally misinterpreted by mischievous preachers to fleece the unwise. God does not suffer fools gladly, so He doesn’t expect us to be foolish: you would be a fool to give away all you have to the poor (swapping your position with theirs), because it means you’ve already failed to see that wealth is itself a blessing from God, (as long as it’s not stolen).
You are blessed with what you have, so you may be a custodian of God’s generosity to humanity and use it to do good (e.g. employ others to work for a share of it, because we’ve all been told “from the sweat of thy brow thou shal eat bread”), but not to be either greedy or wasteful. God is the creator and owner of all things–He does not need money! So, when you give in church, you aren’t giving God; you are giving His servant so that by the work of his (the servant’s) hands, God can be taught to others, (“For, whatever you did for the least of these, you did for Me”, remember?)
The problem with those who preach blind faith is that they want people not to think, but be instead mesmerised by “miracles”. This is why so many false prophets don’t teach; instead they do theatrics, and have people fainting and rolling on the floor.