There is a new disease in town

Well, the disease is not new, the diagnosis has just become more common than ever. The bug causing the disease is H Pylori and it’s now the new normal. If you haven’t been diagnosed with H Pylori recently, you know someone who is being treated for it.

KEMRI ran tests on 100 people who had been put on medication for H Pylori in Nairobi hospitals and the results shocked them. “Of the 100 people on medication, only five were supposed to be taking the drugs,”

The pattern is predictable: a patient has a stomachache, goes to the hospital, tests positive for H Pylori and is put on treatment for two weeks and after a couple of weeks, the cycle begins again.

More information on today’s newspaper

Isn’t that how we develop superbugs ama H. Pylori can’t be mutated by the drugs?

I think NTV is doing a special about it tonight. NTV news is taking a lead on health and wellness issues while Citizen TV news is ab focusing on corruption and busting thieves through undercover investigation.

The wall is undefeated

My trust in local doctors ended long ago.
It isn’t uncommon of me to be given packets of tablets in a hospital only to dump them in the nearest rubbish bin I come across.
2012 I took the 14 days H Pylori treatment regime only to realize latter it was totally unnecessary.

When you or your family need treatment, where do you get your doctors/dentists from?


My wife had stomach problems and that day it was too much… We were at Embu and the nearest was Embu level five hospital so I room her there… We were referred to a “private” hospital for HPYROLI Test which came positive…
Having ran low on budget we didn’t buy the med doc prescribed, I hadn’t planned on a hospital visit… [SIZE=7]I’ve never bought medicine for her to date and she has never complained again… [/SIZE]

Kweli? Most people colonized by H.pylori do not develop gastric cancer, but H.pylori is an known associated factor for gastric cancer. If you test positive for H.pylori, get effective treatment. Kama utatoa Cuba, ama Kemri, ama Nairobi Hospital, ama level 5…lakini uangalie resistance patterns na uhakikishe it is effective treatment.

H. Pylori is the ongoing scam. It’s a pyramid scheme happening in the medical field.

Waliniambia nisikunywe fombe for two weeks nikimeza Hizo dawa za pylori

shida hutokea hawa waindi wakiwachiliwa waimport these bogus reagents and kits…