There is a 70% Chance that Raila will Run in 2027. What a selfish oldman

I saw Opiyo Wandanyi saying the road to state house for Raila has began. If he runs it will show just how selfish he has been. Who will support him? His move will scatter the opposition since Kalonzo will not dare. It will also give fodder to the Kenya Kwisha brigade to change the narrative from zakayo’s cost of living issue to mganga, kipii and RAIRA AENDE BONDO. Now I believe this man is a paid plant by the political elites.Hapa lazima wamepiga deal na Ruto to ensure Zakayo continues his reign of terror. What a selfish man


There has to be a very good reason why heavyweight politicians in ODM and other parties still respect and support the old man. Pea Rao heshima zake.


The only good reason is that he assures them of retaining their seats in bonobostan. Ajiheshimu yeye pia huyo mzee

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They couldn’t beat Zakayo when deep state was on their side, sembuse now when Zakayo is the actual deep state?

Ambieni uyu mzee awache bangi :joy:


Many people I know voted for Raila last election but wako na fatigue yake mbaya. Akisimama sio ati watapigia Ruto but hawataona haja ya kuenda kumpigia kura na hivyo ndio zakayo atarudi. I don’t know how he fails to read the signs unless it is by design na analipwa


Tugege nyamazisha hio bakuli yako chafu inanuka shoi ya kenya kwanza umbwaa

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ukweli huuma ghasia takataka

He is planning to die as president

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It seems most likely but he will fail miserably.


game bado changa 3D chess


Shareholder Hustler Conmen will do anything to cling to power …
But …
5 years of this current mess is enough…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Umeanza kuingiza njeve mapema

I see Ruto sleeping walking back to State house.
But there is still time for the opposition to come to its senses

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The question should be, what is your interest? How is Raila running a threat to your interest?

what a dumb question no need to waste my time explaining it

You must have an interest and Raila running means you lose. I guess you thought Kalonzo will have Raila backing him :slight_smile: :):):wink:

Anyway It doesn’t matter as long as your shithole country maintains a circus run by IEBC. JSKS aendelee kuwafinya Hadi mumee akili nono

dumb user confirmed

Whatever you call me, it doesn’t matter, anyone can play the circus.

JSKS aendelee, kumi lazima.

Kutahiri ni kitu cha umuhimu sana. Unfortunately the old man is a senior kipii