There goes your hope and national pride up in smoke

Honestly ,given the way they are treated.

Wekanga hapa full story, faghaaa…

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[SIZE=6]Harambee Stars defender caught in match fixing scandal[/SIZE]
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“You’ve to make up your mind if you want money or result,” Perumal warned Owino in advance. “Note that if you lose by 1-0 to Tunisia you will end up with nothing. I want a 3-0 score line. I expect the score to be 2-0 in a normal game, but with your assistance I can get a 3-0 scoreline.”
The mail was addressed to two other Kenya national team players named as Julius and Pascal.
“I want you to put a good fight for 25 minutes and concede one goal in first half from 30-45 minutes, another at the 65th minute, and the third in the 80th.”
“F… (expletive) the game and take the money; $25,000 (Sh2.5m) is a lot of money,” Perumal offered on September 17, 2009 via email.
On October 1, 2009, Perumal broke down the payments to Owino: “I understand we have four players. I will send my men with $75, 000 (Sh7.5m) for three of you and $15,000 (Sh1.5m) for the new player. You will get to see the money before the match. You give me what I want in the match and you will collect your money afterwards.”
Two days later, on October 3, he wrote again to Owino, this time promising to honour his pledge.
“I am an honest man who would like to see you have enough money to feed your family and send your kids to good school. You give penalty, I pay you $5,000 (Sh500,000).”
Owino replied to Perumal on the same day, promising to lose the game for Harambee Stars: “Listen, my friend. We are serious and ready for business. We promise you that we won’t let you down. Trust us because we are there for you, and you for us. Have faith in us. Just send your man.”
Kenya lost the match to Tunisia 1-0, against Perumal’s orders to the team.
Fifa also says that Owino conspired with Perumal to manipulate matches of the Nile Basin Tournament in Egypt in 2011. Perumal offered $60,000 (Sh6 million) for Kenya to lose its fixtures. Owino told Perumal he was not in the Kenyan team to Egypt, but would recruit two players on the squad and earn a commission.
“Give me the name of a player I can trust and make things work. I will send my guys there,” Perumal demanded. Owino gave the name of a defender.
Fifa notes that, based on this and other evidence, Owino participated in the conspiracy to manipulate the results of international matches involving Harambee Stars between June 2009 and March 2011.
The football governing body also notes that Owino appears to have become “a trusted collaborator and intermediary of a professional match-fixer”.
Owino, who left Mathare United after his contract expired in December last year, said he knew nothing about the investigations when contacted for comment by the Nation Sport on Monday.
“Let’s wait for Fifa to call me over the same then I can speak. For now I do not know anything. I am hearing it from you for the first time,” he said.
FKF secretary-general Robert Muthomi distanced himself from the ongoing investigations, saying he was “not at liberty to comment until the case is concluded by the Fifa Ethics chamber”.
Fifa had not responded to our request for an update on these investigations by the time we went to press last evening.

:oops: io Ni ile hawakujua watajulikana. How many more ziko unknown. Mtu mmoja 7.5M na saizo Unko Ruto anapromise 2M wagawane:D

when I think of national pride, I only imagine my donkey dong nd how it has conquered the world. Mambo ya harambee stars ni national shame


Africans never be free

matches are fixed so much. teams don’t lose genuinely

No bro, no justification in that.
What you projecting is cumulative…the end result is the current state of the nation.

OK. But it does not look like Owino ever followed Perumal’s instructions. Its very difficult to ensure a 3-0 scoreline if you only bribe one player.

2 wrongs do not make a right lakini sometimes you have to play rough if you hope to eat lunch. Especially considering there is no Kenyan taxpayer money stolen.
Lakini AFCON wasiuze game. I’m taking my leave specifically to watch that tournament so I hope they don’t disappoint

Thats what happens when you pay people peanuts and give them empty promises. If it was me in the same situation I would have done the same thing. You gotta do what you gotta do to survive man.

Or when you watch your leaders grab and embezzle without repercussions this is usually the result. We want to persecute owino yet we vote in thieves and murderers…we have lost values as a nation…from the very top to the bottom.

There is another game Kenya played Nigeria at Kasarani in 2009. It was also fixed.

unfortunately anyone and everyone has a price in kenya

Given the opportunity and the returns I would also do the same. 7.5M per one match could change your life forever uwache kutegemea peanuts from FKF bora tu usikue kama ile mjinga ya cricket.