There are Poor People in Every Country

I’m making a listing that contains a look into the lives of the hoi polloi in as many countries as I can find them, so that people stop being lied to by Hollywood, etc.

It’s a work in progress, so I’ll just post as I find them.

But for starters… the US: [MEDIA=liveleak]663_1389570892[/MEDIA]

Bruh kwani you think there is a place that done have people in poverty.Am in Norway where food is even given free in shops(yeah if food is close to expiration your are not supposed to throw the food but its placed on your way out to pick…and this mostly veges,fruits and bread…even meat sometimes) and still have people asking for ma change in the streets [ATTACH=full]143407[/ATTACH] its a sad thing.especially to someone like me who has seen what a society that doesn’t care treats those without a means (e.g kenya) compared to them.In kenya food is a problem here housing …credit…job…family…and drugs are evils that they can’t control…and then we have the welfare abusers…

Man, pic up clips in The Wire, the projects where the Baksdale corner boys lived, was pathetic, mattresses with no covers and hanging switches over the beddings in a single room shared by an entire family
Check out Breaking Bad, those boys Jesse worked with, and for Britain i think they are quite honest because they show most of it row on BBC documentaries

According to Kenyatalkers…

Only Luos Are Poor

I think Brits are more honest about reality in their movies than Americans. Their actors don’t have to have god/goddess looks, etc.