There Are More Democrat Billionaires Than Republican Billionaires In The USA

Democrats are real Mafia, they own the USA and they call the shots. Imagine an outsider rigging out a sitting President. Hiyo ni DEEPEST State wacha hii ya hapa kwetu ya pesa nane akina Murathe na Atwoli.

I bow down to Democrats! Hawa ni Mawe!

[SIZE=7][COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]Trump and his cronies are just bystanders!![/SIZE]


Now you know. Democrats control the Military Industrial Complex. They make money in wars and Cheap manufacturing in China. They OWN America. Unacheza na watu wana rig a sitting President wewe.

You really got to give it to them. This some Hose of cards kind of shit here

The likes of George Soros whose main hobby is overthrowing governments

If you look at the trend of the presidency, it has gone to more republicans than democrats so there flies your idiotic conspiracy theory through the window. The closest embodiment of the military industrial complex are actually the Bushes. Were they democrats?? Watch The Men Who Built America and educate yourself.

Your silly Racists cunt of a President was rigged out. Choke youself

Now I am afraid there will be an increase in drone attacks and maybe a country might experience uncle sam democracy by force. The military complex needs to make money.