There are fewer men in Kenya compared to women

Like @Lordsavegery has pointed out in this thread: very few parents are having boys nowadays.

But I don’t think it’s a recent phenomenal after doing my research.

Go to most Kenyan university like Strathmore, USIU, K.U, CUEA, MMU, MKU, Africa Nazarene and you will see the number of female students outnumber the male students.

Even in KSL, you will find more women than men lawyers.

Most Nairobi clubs nowadays, especially in uptown, have more women revellers than men.

Tour companies offer discount rates if you’re a man because women are the majority. Although most of those women are single mothers/post-wall with the intention to get hitched.

Even most churches nowadays have a ratio of 3 women for every 1 man.

Also having a male organ doesn’t qualify some alien organisms like @Weyn to be men.[ATTACH=full]475578[/ATTACH]

Perhaps men prefer the quiet places?

Mbona naonanga adverts kama:

Women are encouraged to apply.

And have you noted women are driving big nice cars, majamaa wamebaki na honda fit, premio na gari za less than 1800cc. Nikiwa mmoja wao…:D:D

It means women will be given priority over men during the selection process.

umafwi post by a stupid poster. Stick to your area of expertise – sabina joy whores.

Census ilisema aje

wanawake hawaendangi shule kusoma. Get that shit out of your head. PArents of today are investors. Wao hupeleka watoto wao private university, which they cannot afford, in the hope that she meets a high vlue man from a good family ndio waomoke. That is why these days, anatumwa shule na before aende shule anafanyia shopping ya the latest lingerie and fashion booty pants na tu mini dress, which shows you just enought to get you interested but not too much that you are repulsed

Enyewe wewe ni low IQ.
I can’t engage with such shallow perspective.

this statement holds a lot of weight.

Wewe ni @Kumbaffu

Most men siku hizi are reserved. Kutulia Tu hawataki kelele. Infact more women siku hizi wanakula jaba kuliko vijana Eastlands. Makali vijana wanachukua take away wamumunye polepole in silence.

Funny enough ata zabe za jaba ziko na vitemeo hakukosi zile ndume zinakimbilia na pupa, lakini wengine wanachorea.

:D:D:D:D micymas, hizi ni gani tena

My intuition tells me no because as you approach the equator the numbers tend to cancel out. Wacha niingie KNBS

makamasi hukuwa low IQ Na mshamba ajabu…lakini mnunulie handkerchief angalau…Ni village sponsor mwenzako

:D:D:D mgtow ideologies zimefanya awe low IQ

Wewe unataka more men wasimame rifarodi? Meffi

Women outnumber men by half a million in Kenya according to KNBS statistics. So if everyone pairs up there will be half a million kungurus roaming the streets. Now what makes the situation even more dire is that the women do not see all these men as MEN. if the man is poor, dusty or some wierd criteria they automatically become invisible. This makes the competition for the few available eligible men quite intense. Then kuna the imprisoned population etc. Many men have been locked up. This is just to say as a man if you secure the bag you are in for a good life.