There are bland men with regular dicks, ..then there are these

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@Female Perspective hii unajua?

Sina habari…let’s wait for Kiambu men to explain this!

Ngwati’s are with men who got circumsised the Gikuyu traditional ways. But latter day sissies who are circumcised in hospital escorted by their mothers and nursed by their sisters have no idea what it is.


Mjamaa kwani huwa hucharge simu, kila wakati iko karibu kufa


Hi @Mathaais sijaonja hii

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Inashindanga hivyo. I am an adrenaline junkie

To taste it you must be ready to part with a tidy sum and you must promise beforehand that you won’t get hooked.

Ata mi naeza taka kujua. .

mtu akikatwa ngonde huwa anabakishiwa kadogo ka kukumbushwa ulikuwa kipii once. hio ndio ngwati

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Meru’s also had it, used to be called ’ ndigee’ , It was a small piece of the foreskin left out


Muguka hua zinamshow.

Why are the screenshots zoomed in to the nth degree? I can barely put two and two together

Ama akuachie ngotha kwako ama kwa gari…

“escorted by their mothers and nursed by their sisters”? Where does that happen?

@Some Say this guy is talking about your wife and son… Come share your wisdom.

Here on Ktalk just ask @Some Say

Nowadays, the name ’ @Some Say ’ in itself is an insult

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You niggas are merciless, you ran the poor guy put of ktalk.
Haven’t seen him around since.

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