therapist at kiambu parlor eaten

32 year old beauty therapist at kiambu parlor eaten well by a famous pornstar

Acha akule nalinga

Our girls can do anything for money.

if u want to catch a man use a woman as bait. if you want to catch a woman, use money

hio link haina hio video

FDI. Foreign Direct Investment. Watu watengeneze pesa.

These people.:confused::confused:

very true i second this. ladies are our weakness

Hizo nipples jameni!!! nkama injector nozzles za Isuzu TFR…:smiley:

cheki other comments, sounds lime oyu are the only one who cant see it…

Unacheki venye uyo dame ana body fiti, alaf coomer swaf but you wouldn’t know because of her face… Moral of the story: tafuta mdem amechapa kiplani, awezi chapa uso na achape where it matters

wekelea hio video hapa ni downlpad pliz

hizo nipples fiti sana


Beauty therapist is just code for whore

Not bad, I like the way she looks like she’s going to puke after the dude has busted a nut in her mouth but she has to keep going ndio mbesha ziingie.

ange puke hiyo 200 dollars hangepewo

Huyo dame hana moves amekaa ndee, angezungushia sponsor kitu

dont know why she looks familiar. Though the chic i think she is is so so “saved” maybe no.