Theory Confirmed

What is the probability of a marriage succeeding if you marry a single mother? Almost zero. Why waste your time/money then??? Diamond is the latest addition to our collection. Kweli ujinga hauna dawa. He willingly married a single mother with multiple children and topped up with his. At some point, mwanaume hukaa chini unafanya hesabu unaona ni umeffi. Game ilianza 3-0 na ilianza second half (the bitch is old approaching menopause, dont let the make-up fool you). 3 boys!!Hapo hakuna comeback. Akiwa amemuongeza mtoto mmoja pekee he can be forced to pay child support for ALL children because the law is a bitch. Rumor has it that the woman is broke so a child support lawsuit, and probably a 50/50 divorce settlement is in the offing. Bitches don’t leave any cent behind and I am almost certain this clown never bothered with a prenuptial agreement. You can’t win if you marry a woman with such baggage.

Sawa sasa rudi ulale

Wako ako na watoto wangapi sio wako?:D:D

This is important knowledge right here. A case book if you may…so wewe enda ukalale!

Too me it’s umeffi.

Only simps get placated by those Singo Mathas and end up marrying them. Halafu wanashinda wakidanganywa ati wao ndio real men

Hii hapa Diamond atalilia kwa choo. But deep down he should have known.

Kunguru hafugiki(@Nattydread )

Mind ur own business Wacha mucene

A nice fresh Friday morning na mucene is top of ur list?

Si uondoe mavi kwa hii thread msee. Nini inakusumbua

Najaribu kumtoa umama na umeffi na hamskii

The ideal wife candidate is 20-25 yrs, and childless. Hao wengine ni kupoteza pesa, time and probably fucking up your life. It is best to just screw them without letting them into your already hard life

hapo hajui.
marrying a woman with one is bad idea enough to know you are in trouble but 3!!! he is really that stupid other than his artistic talent he has nothing in his head.

Somebody close this thread.

Even worse, the woman ako injury time (41 years approaching menopause at the speed of a meteor). Hiyo game kushinda ni impossible and the probability of getting retarded kids like @marine1 above is very high when expired eggs are in the mix. :smiley:


Hawakua married so hakuna scenario ya divorce court

Huko ni TZ hakuna activist consttution kama huku. Diamond hatfinywa makagare


What about marrying a divorcée with kids, is it better or worse than the single mother?