then the Christians came... africa should embrace tradition


Thick thighs. Perky boobs. Tell me if there is anything better than African woman.

Mifupa ni ya mbwa by the way, iyo tusisahau.

This they call backwardness, nakedness. Theirs, they call fashion.

What culture, labda ni mileage pusher seeking validation. Lakini Kuna vile siwezi mind kukamua yeye vibaya sana.

africa has always been relatively warm… our ancestors adapted by wearing very little or no clothes

Africa is quite diverse, people identity with their own tribes, religion and culture, I doubt there’s such thing as one African culture.

I take it that it’s safe to call you JimTit

Mali swafi … I swear … I ene never seen so many “perky boobs” in my life; like those I seen since I started operating out here in the lowlands and the valley’s beyond. Man I tell y’all… it’s straight up wild out here. It’s like travelling back in time to some lost and forgotten civilization.


Niaje umbwa ya ruto leo hujaendea handout pale karen.