Then Nyakundi Akasema... Hapo ndio uppercut na career ending sweep ilionekania


Sio poa kudiss mtu especially a lady with her weight. It really gets to them. Kalekye may be considering suicide as we speak

The Nyakundi guy’s juvenile village insults won’t take him anywhere. I wonder how he pays the bills.


Homowebdev tuliza kende no one cares how your bills are paid either


She deserved it

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Mkissii tulia uende mandamano kesho.

Nyakundi modern day hero. Mungikis will hate this.


Now Kalekye is the real definition of sexy bbw

Bingwa hiding behind a laptop spewing hogwash and adding weight like an old camel… :D:D:D:D


ROTP(Ruto one term president ) will be your new rant 2027 AD. Have a nice day.

If Nyakundi doesn’t get a dime from these fights for baba, then his love for him is questionable.


rumbling butt

You said am your best friend here in ktalk, sasa mtu hutusi rafiki yake hivyo?

ulihama kibera?


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chuki ni ya nini nawewe!

Akilipwa kuunleash bile 24/7 hata hakuna siku unaamka na good vibez