them days: moi university current

who remember days with nostalgia when you’ll go to any public office and find 99% staff to be kalenjins? ,they used to converse with their language, most knew little swahili especially in nakuru government offices, unaenda kuchukua id, kwa ofisi kila mtu anaitwa kipkemimi au kipkeyeye etc.
watu wakucomplain tribalism in uhuru administration have little idea, moi used to fill top positions with different tribes but where it matters most, kalenjins filled the rest. no wonder walicatch in 2003 when a big chunk were retired, most didn’t have papers anyway.
uhuru administration has tried in balancing it
look now at moi university, a public uni.

My Mam used to work in a place where everyone was scared of a driver who was a kale. He could take the company car to shagz and come back on tuesday. No one could dare sack him.


kawaida ya such places
you never know “mtu aliletwa na nani”
unakemea mtu unapata unapigiwa na number inaanza na 020

Nilisomea eld na most staff were kales maybe karatina most are saperes

Kaleos remember those days with lots of nostalgia.

I worked somewhere everyone was scared of an old mama wa chai…

That’s how Kenya Posts & Telecommunication went under, it was the Era of opening people’s mail and stealing money orders. Ruto reminds me of those days with dread. There is primitive accumulation of wealth, but Kales have taken this to the highest level. And with such a high sense of entitlement!

The ongoing Anti-Kalenjin propaganda will end and MUST end. Hii Kenya si mama ya mtu and Kalenjins are not squatters here for that matter. Those using the fake Moi University list of employees to peddle half-truth narrative should also bring up a similar list from other universities. Ghaseers!

Prob is most of them did not save up. Nor invest in education for their children.

Mimi sioni shida hapo…Kila mtu ako na kwao,enda moyale mtengeneza university uko alafu employ al shabaab operatives as deans,hakuna mtu atawasumbua…Devolution ndio hio

Don’t forget Kalenjin Chukua Bure bank

I have a friend who is a senior county administrator in Nyanza. Jamaa alipigwa transfer to some backwater village in Siaya after the previous governor was removed, watu walisema all staff from that administration are ‘spies’. These are all Luos by the way, from the same clan. When I talk to the guy he regrets why he left a plum posting at a parastatal to work in the counties. Hizo ndio blessings za devolution.

Na nyinyi maumbwa msome hiyo Attached JPG/pdf from the NCIC (2016) and as you shall notice, Moi is merely in position 17 as far as the contravention of diversity is concerned. Mlete the rest of the 16 universities. Takataka ya manispaa nyinyi. Nkt!

What propaganda are you talking about ? We’re the voters and Kalenjin Nation is on the spotlight . Tuliza kende kizee.

They believe everything came from the soil, and should go back to the soil. Hence grounding everything they come across.

I know a certain fellow who goes to Ardhi house every morning you would think he works there. Ile kalata amecheza huko grabbing land wacha tu. The prospect of Ruto becoming president terrifies me. Ask one Adrian Muteshi whose land had been stolen by this Mwizi sugu from sugoi.

You’re a voter, SO WHAT? Yes, SO WHAT? Utatutisha na Ruto? Or what? This Anti-Kalenjin narrative will end. Using lies, half-truths and innuendos to cause hatred against Kalenjins will be faced head-on. Look at the above narrative. It cannot be substantiated, it just a mere narrative, and can be easily debunked, as I have done. So my fren, usitutishe tishe juu ya Ruto.

Inauma lakini itabidi uzoee.

Arap Meno aka @langatkipro tumia tu account yako normal

@langatkipro Huyu ghaseer anakuulizia nini?

Okuyu aren’t voting for your Man.