Their thievery continues

As received.

Greetings from the Veterinary fraternity in Kenya.
Thank you for the great work you’re doing to bring about social justice

Now sir, I am a Veterinarian & … Union of Veterinary Practitioners Kenya.
You know the critical role we play to assure human food safety, prevent zoonotic diseases & protect critical Livestock investment of our farmers.

Now there is a problem. The critical tool we use to control viral diseases in animals is Livestock Vaccines. The government of Kenya established a vaccine production facility in 1960 and has been producing Vaccines ever since then. The Kenya Veterinary Vaccines Production Institute (kevevapi) had land allocation of 176 acres to keep animals for massive vaccine research. Sadly the piece of land has been stolen by Uhuru family, earlier Nyachae family and the institution currently has 14 acres with another 5 acres recently hived off by one of the Kenyatta family members. The institution also has another 400 acres farm in Tigoni which it keeps clean research animals for vaccine production. Unfortunately the farm has been hived off by the Kenyatta relatives and mama Ngina now wants the entire 380 acres remaining.

To effect this game, Uhuru appointed a relative as Baord Chairman called Prof James Wabacha. Further the then minister Kiunjuri appointed Baord members from Gicheha Farm owned by Uhuru under instructions of Muhoho.

As we speak, there are no Livestock Vaccines in Kenya. Foot and mouth disease has caused havoc to farmers with latest being Chemusian Farm in Nakuru which has seen drop in milk production from 8000 litres per day to just 2000 litres per day.

Sadly the vaccines sold to farmers are contaminated with dangerous viruses. For example, a farmer in Kericho vaccinated his herd with lumpy skin disease vaccine but came down with the exotic disease called Bovine Viral Diarrhea.

The Uhuru government is killing farmers. From looting their milk to now disseminating the virus to farmers.

The government pumped in kshs 1billion for the institution to attain GMP and produce Foot and mouth disease Oil based vaccine. Unfortunately, money was eaten by Muhoho and as a result they made Uhuru launch fake product which has never been produced again.

To effect this, the board installed Dr Jane Wachira as CEO to oversee the looting. Sadly after 3 years of looting and selling contaminated Vaccines to farmers, CS Munya was corrupted and acted on a call from from Muhoho to renew Dr Jane Wachira term for another 3 years.
The professionals protested severely. The process of renewal was hogwash. Normally a sitting CEO needs to write request for extension 6 months to expiry of contract. At kevevapi that was not done. It only took a call from Muhoho.

Recently, Uganda declined to accept Kenyan Vaccines because it is contaminated and it didn’t have GMP. The same contaminated Vaccines which Uganda declined and stayed at the JKIA for 3 weeks are the ones being sold to farmers. At the airport, the vaccine was NOT placed in a cold room. Sad.

The Kenyan exporters have lost lucrative international market due to flare up of Livestock diseases. Uhuru is killing the critical sector of Livestock. We stand helpless as professionals.

Please help us to stop the rogue appointment in court. Help the Kenyan farmer.

Wacha farmers wakufe. Si walipigia Uhuruto kura?

Who is the author? Arap who?

And secondly why would Uhuru destroy the fuckers who supply to his brookside companies?

The Solai farm managers were released.

It’s cheaper to import powdered milk