Theeka rd recarpetting

Does this need to be done now,the road is still new.They are done with service lane and are now doing the main roads.
Engineer wa valavala ebu elimisha mimi…hii pesa ingepelekwa kule Makuyu-Makutano junction rd to expand it.

they are doing the most shoddy job ever. 0.5 cm of loose gravel

I also wonder the same. A perfect road being destroyed by shoddy works that were not needed.
How many roads in Kenya need those resources?

They are also uprooting the beautiful grass in some sections. I don’t understand this witchcraft.

I made peace with myself that we will remain a poor country.

Where are the journalists who count to ask such a question.May be just to enlighten us.

i love driving on rough gravel kama ynye wameweka ,ya kwenda ndakaini and isiolo road

people are eating. chunguza yearly budget ya kumaintain io barabara huwa how much. ya kumaintain ile barabara ingine ya ghorofa ndo itakua kubwa zaidi. avenues za kukula pesa ya mwananchi.

Its homeguard’s priority.

kila mtu anakua

This is surface dressing done to protect the Asphalt Concrete (AC) from deterioration. it is like routine maintenance. However, whoever is doing it is doing a very shoddy job. I would majorly.blame his equipment especially the bitumen distributor.

Hiyo contract imepewa wariah
The money goes to finance al shabaab

Money budgeted for a certain project must be utilized before the close of the financial year otherwise the funds revert to the treasury.
You can now see why all the urgency to complete the work with the shoddiest contractor.
Na saa hii mjue government books for the financial year 2019-20 are coming to a close with no Auditor General in office.

Zile ma windscreen zime crack na huto tumawe ni nyingi

Seems you are in that field,can’t you and your likes raise that concern if its being done wrongly.I hope they are not doing the work from Thika to Pangani.Otherwise we will just forget the good Thika rd we’ve known for years

It’s painful kila asubuhi kuona vile huyo mshenzi anaharibu hii superhighway. Halafu after a few years taxpayer agharamike kuchimba io tarmac yote na ku re carpet afresh.

BRT kwanza iliendaje?:smiley:

Biggest scam ever(ok knowing Jubilee, there must be thousands more out there)

Kwanza that recarpetting has started on the lane where they put those BRT pink lines


It will all end in glorious tears.

The way I see it, Uhuru is vandalizing Kibaki’s legacy project with these idiotic renovations. petty kayhay behaviours tu. The roads are actually worse than they were before!

The vast majority of Kenyans are financially illiterate. The silver lining in this situation is that by the time the real legacy of Mlevi comes to pass, kila mtu mzima na mwenye akili atapewa a hard lesson in basic economics. Die hard Jubilidiots exempted of course

That is why I asked someone in another comment,aren’t there people to shout and ask why this is happening.Well I just hope we’ll get a better end product,otherwise the guy is spoiling the smooth Thika rd

Another risk that no one seems to realise is the cones the guys sweeping the highway usually put right in the middle of the lane on sharp bends, in the middle of exit routes, and at the stage - this one during the morning rush hours, obstructing mathrees and people boarding. At times I wonder why the tax payer must pay so much for risks we can do without.