Kuna msee yeyote amedinya hao lanye wa TheBootyWarden on Twitter/X?

Most of them ni Malaya za roysa. Number zao utapata massage republic. Huyo Petra na Deadhead wanadai from 15k sikuhizi


Mtu aweke pictures

15k ni 100 shots pale calabash


Those guys are making at least $5,000 a month on Patreon. At that point there is no need for them to prostitute in real life

Nimedinya tu haka… innocent school kid hahaha

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The owner of the channel is the one making that bank with the girls relying on Onlyfans and direct clients.

Calabash ni wapi?

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Wachana na hio place kabisa, huko kumejaa drug addicts na watu wa muguka.

Contraband ya 100 siwezikula hata na triple protection bana not even go close to the place.

They are still selling pucy