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[li] so vgg cry gg gghrt gg to r5 ft t go dt ggovfgftfggg fitgt tgghe d5fgut to get g[/li][li] so vgg cry gg rt ggg hgjh g nuhggndht the gthuhggg GH ggggggg cc x c hcggtghy r5 ftgcg he t go dt ggovfgftg fit dd5fggdg it[/li][li]gydggg dgo the gg[/li][/ol]


Ktalk got this bad…

Fungua dirisha moshi ya stove itoke.

Your imei has been virused…you need to restore factory settings

…na pia apunguze kula mandazi surwa kibandasky after kuvuta ngwai.

Niki mushee

Somebary call 911

This looks like a coded msg.
Vile niko idle acha niichangamkie.
Got some books from Bletchley Park

@pseudonym I know your love of mysteries, njoo tutatue hii

:D:D:D:Dchunga usimee kipara ukae kama yule mzee wa “I sold on credit”…

Ama musee ingine hapa…

Labda jamaa ameshikwa na stroke while typing.

The harder it looks the easier it is.
Thats what mwalim said centuries ago

Imei amerudi pre unit. Amefunzwa article THE but he’s just drooling at milf teacher’s jugs. Hashikanishi.

too slow decoded it for you inasema ''Ulambe lolo"

If the code represents a message in English language the first letter d standing alone could represent either “A” or “I” like most English sentences begin. That’s all I could come up with.
But mimi naona this is a pocket dial type of thing. Aliingiza simu kwa mfuko ikaanza kutype vitu then ika post

hii inawesa kuwa ile Rastafari language tulikuwa tunaongea about kwa ile thread?

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D pumguza bangi senior driver

there is absolutely no coded message from the brigadier, if you look at the sequence of letters you will notice that he is just typing random letters, this is betrayed by the fact that there are two many letters next to each other that are also adjacent to each other on qwerty (he woke up and went straight to the afco canteen :slight_smile: )

wewe kwanza niliona umenitusi on another thread wacha nikakutafute huko ghasia.