The Youth Speech by CS Mutahi Kagwe

Good speech …and equally good call to action.

However, its a call to action for a wrong group of the population

The youth are the problem in this country… the biggest curse of this country

I believe, the olden ways where the old are the ones who took charge, is the most effective way

it is us the old who gonna fix this…

The youth ni bure tu …look at how they are worsening things on social media

Who allowed international flights to Kenya when we have this crisis?Who ate all the money needed to build hospital s, train health workers and provide social security for the vulnerable? … Mtaa hii car gwe ni meffi ya dinosaur

Wazee mlikalia viti za maana mkaacha youths unemployed sai mnaitana wawasaidie kwa problem that wazee created

In dire situations the youths are fervently remembered to lead while employment booms dinosaurs remember fellow dinosaurs. Nature is resetting everything.

Nature knows who’s responsible for the mess in this world, the over 60 years category. It has spared the very young because nature knows they have done no wrong.

Hakuna ICUs na ventilators za kutosha but wewe unaona social media ndio issue?