The youth need Mentorship before capital.

This is a fact guys.

I have two cases to discuss regarding this.

  1. I recently opened two businesses uko mtaa with an aim of improving the lives of the youths. Roho safi kabisa

One was a nail studio na ingine was cafe ya chipo. Since I am a full time employee of somewhere, I had to leave this businesses to youths who had shown some hope and direction in life.

Six months after pumping lots of cash to bail this businesses out nimesema enough is enough. It pains me that the guys instade of marketing their business, they prefer to sit down and listen to music the whole day. One had the audensity to ask me to look for a job for him. Thats why I conclude the youth need Mentorship before capital.

perhaps you brought in the wrong people for the job.

Did you even vet them?.. Reason why we have interviews

investment gone sour …

Biashara has an inborne passion my friend. Not everybody can succeed in biz

Hapa ndio ilikuwa wake up call yako… mimi nikuandike kazi alafu nikute umekaa chini ukienjoy ngoma? Unless you are having a beforehand agreed upon break, unaenda nyumbani the very same day…

Two rules that I have learnt the hard way

  1. usiwai fungulia mtu ata bibi yako biashara. Wacha afungue then you can boost them.
  2. Kwa biz yako msizoeane na employees ata kidogo. Don’t ever entertain stories and excuses from your employees.
    Mimi ata bro wangu mdogo huwa tunakosana vibaya sana nikimrushia ka side hustle then aanze hekaya
    Hii Nairobi vijana wamekataa kufanya kazi kabisa na vile wanapenda sherehe.

ungeita wale chapati millionaires waongee Na hao vijanaa.

Not really I think some guys are just lazy. Even in employment you need to put effort to progress.

There is a case where a guy employed in mpesa couldnt offer services to some clients at times because he was too lazy to look for change, hehe, he would tell them mpesa haifanyi.

Hehehe…maze kuna raiya wavivu kupindukia