The year is 2022

And bonobos are still printing papers abroad!!! Yikes. Lakini kusema ukweli, why can’t DeLaRue (another foreign company too) which prints our passports and bills (notes) print those ballot papers locally? Wouldn’t these save us billions in terms of logistics, shipping and all those other costs involved? Sasa, how do we compete with Japan (what some talker was insinuating :D, lmao) which does everything by itself, if we can’t print mere ballot papers locally??? Smh

DeLarue would be easily compromised. Africans are still living in the 1940s

Nasikia Gava iko na stake huko

Africans trusts Mzungu.

Yes it does have a minority stake

Hio ni game ya big boys. People who award such tenders and people who get awarded such tenders see the entire world as one country and they belong to a one world club called ‘really rich people’. The sooner you accept that the easier life will seem.

Actually there is a technical reason why exams and ballot papers are printed abroad. It has everything to do with capacity. Currently IEBC needs 200 Million ballot papers. The papers are not your kawaida A4 but have specific dimensions. There are six types of ballots. Except the presedential ballot which is uniform for the whole country the other five are customized either per county, constituency or sub county.

The company which is awarded the tender must deliver 100% of the scope before a very very strict deadline. It must receive the info, verify the scope, appoint an army of casuals strictly for this one tender. While at it it must order raw materials i.e. paper rolls, ink, printers, cutters, etc. It must then come up with an execution plan on how the printing will be done keeping in mind quality, urgency of the tender, etc.

After printing they must verify that enough quantities have been printed and any extras must be destroyed.
The company must then package as per the instructions from IEBC and eventually ship the ballot papers probably to IEBC warehouses.

I believe (though i dont have full information) that there is no local company that can meet the stringent conditions set out by IEBC to print the ballots. If anything the Kenyan companies which can print will require a lot of CAPEX in order to adopt their equipment to be able to print the ballots. There would also need months to get the logistics right.

We don’t have the capacity to do that in a short notice. We don’t have to criticize everything