The "Wrong Number" Relationship

There are many forms of relationships nowadays but I have to share this one that started over the weekend but it had to end. I received a call from a number I didn’t know, I called back but no one answer. After the call, a text came in from the number that says, “I love your voice:), can you be my boyfriend?:D” I was shocked, so I had to confirm and that’s where it all started.

This developed into a long-distance affair because she lives in Isiolo. I played along just to remind my self about long distance and wrong number relationships. By yesterday it had become a toxic relationship as she calls every time and texts like as if the end of the world is near- ati love is too much.:eek: she keeps reminding me that she “Loves me” and I just can bare it but laugh and reciprocate the love.:frowning:

Well, I needed this attention since my phone has been silent for quite a long time but too much of something is dangerous. She behaves like as if we are lovers, to me, it is so weird to the extent that I fear the worse for her if I pull out the plug. It has become a burden because I have to reply to her message immediately- if you have ever dealt with an 18-year-old (who is in love) then you will understand.

In this relationship you can’t breathe, you just live in fantasy and illusion:confused:. I believe it is an affair for mad people but it is good to taste madness for a while. I had to tell her the truth that it can’t work, but she does not want to let go. She says that now she feels like a human that she has someone to talk too. I don’t mind friendship, but the idea of assuming that we are together all the time is total madness. :smiley:

I have respect for time and distance so I choose to focus on what is before me and around me. Stress and worry come in different forms, we just have to learn when to say No! Have you ever had such an encounter? if yes, let me know how it went and how you recovered from this illusion. Have a blessed day!

You are encouraging it. Why dont you just block her number and forget everything??


Thtd b rude.

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Then, stop whining and live with your struggles…


cunt relate

I luv yr avatar!!

screen shots ni muhimu

Could she by any chance be named Caro?

Sema tu unataka kusample vitu…Fisi wewe…


That is an experienced hustler.
Next step is asking for money.


utafunguliwa boot, cheza tu.


You are being setup my fren…Blackmail loading.

Umetuma pesa ngapi so far?

tunangoja hizo screenshots

No, Moureen

Sms items only na amemaliza zote na zilikuwa za 1 week :D:D

Inaonekana wewe huzima gas cooker na maji design ya stove.

mbona hujaulizia nudes? ata kama ni sms akutumie za ASCII

hio ni nigga iko kamiti inamaliza arimis na sauti yako

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Huyo ni , mkora wa Kamiti prison. Utajua haujui baadaye!