I have been applying for Public Service Commissions jobs since 2015, unfortunately I had never been shortlisted till 2019 after applying for more than 20 different jobs but I was always unsuccessful.
I conducted a comprehensive research why I was never shortlisted yet guys who were jobless and below average in college were shortlisted and successfully got the jobs.
The results showed that the PSC shortlist applicants based on regional balance and tribe, I being a Kikuyu from Central Kenya the probability of being shortlisted even with my magnificent qualification was very low due to high competition.

Luckily I was born in Isiolo, thus I decided to change my tribe to Rendille and my county to Isiolo, and that made me to be shortlisted. During the interview one is supposed to fill a form which is just a summary of who you are, for consistency I had to fill the same way I had filled initially (Tribe Rendille, County Isiolo and Garbatulla).

When I was invited to do my submissions the Chairperson was a Kikuyu, and my official name is a common Kikiyu plus my village ascent, The first question was You have indicated to be a Rendille please explain?

Mr Chairman I happen to be a son of a single parent and my mother tells me my Father is a Rendille, However I decided to take the Tribe of my Father but is was given the Surname of my Grandfather, knowing the challenges that come in hand with having different certificate reading different names but referring to the same person, I decided to be consistent and retain the same name in all my certificates. Everyone was convinced beyond reasonable doubt and that is how I got the job.

Please note am a typical Kiuk and not son of single parent, In short I disowned my loving dad that day!!.
What have you ever laid during job interview did it work for you or backfired on you?

One time i gave a job to get the job, if you know what I mean

Hahahahhaha- You got laid/ laid someone to get a job, am hoping its not a cougar. Leta hekaya in full

Cool stori

handy jobs don’t necessarily require skills

hehehehehehe hapo sawa

Hapa you needed to know someone
Most friends even had to buy these jobs

Mimi Niko kwingine, niliingia Kihalali
Izi job uzuri mtu huwa na free time kibao

Unfortunately Son of Peasant, knew nobody. Noma sana!!

i hope walikupea kiti iko na cushion kubwa na orthopaedic
kuchunishwa collard greens sio jokes