The worst messed up shit I heard from a Taxi driver.

There was this one time I needed a Taxi and this neighbour of mine was happy to suggest a very pocket friendly fella she knew. Took his nomber and called him, he arrived within minutes and off we went to our mission. I was to pick some sacks of rice my old man had sent over from Tanzania. Thing is mzee ni mkora kidogo so instead of sending the package officially he made a deal with the Tahmeed bus conductor to send it to Nairobi off the books. This is why I had to pick it up precisely when the bus arrived at Nairobi before the luggage was moved into the office. The bus was to arrive at around 10Pm but as usual there was a delay, ended up waiting for it for around an hour hivi.

As my handle suggests am clearly not a “peoples guy” but when it comes to one on one situations am a 100 year old monk in getting people to feel relaxed and open up to me. Anyways let’s get to the main story this Taxi dude was feeling very chatty courtesy to miraa alikuwa anachonga… I just urged him on pretending to be very interested on his stories when all I was doing was observing how some street prostitutes were throwing themselves at random passer - byes. He saw my interest on the pokos and suddenly his cheerful stories took a slightly dark turn. This time he got my full attention. He told of how once when he was in a very late night duty around 3am hivi he witnessed this poko being thrown out of a hotel room by some guys. She was pretty drunk and this chokora mboy saw this and decided to take full advantage of the situation. There is literally no one in the streets. It’s death silence. The chokoch boy goes over to the girl and starts raping her right in the streets. At that point my dude got out of his taxi approached the scene so am like…

“oh at least ulimsaidia”… akaniambia

“nope nilijifanya najuana na huyo msichana… Nikabeba her purse ilikuwa na phone na some cash na nikajitoa. Chokora mboy akaendelea na story zake venye nilitoka.” I force out an awkward laughter on the 360° turn of the story. That’s the day nili realise Nairobi is not a children’s playground!!!


Kuna watu wanakuwanga tu dunia ingine throughout

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Some parts of this Nairobi are no go zones especially after dark unless you are suicidal


nimetomba madem wamechew blackout wengi sanaa , bora nimwage ndani .

Hehehe hiyo na rape

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Wtf did you just admit to rape? What goes around comes around. Karma will come back to bite you someone will do the same shit to your daughter or better some wild nigger akutombe mkundu Ngombe.


:eek::smiley: thailand unaenda lini

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Hahahaha hii thread… Though yenyewe Nairobi lazima uwe na roho ngumu

NVchieth and you can build a church and preach on , umbwa hiii .

Juzi niliona jamaa wawili wakiiba wheelcap zangu kwa jam pale KPCU roundabout. Nilisahau kuweka hizo vitu za kushika after alignment. Nilicheka tu nikatingiza kichwa na kusema hii ni nairoberry. Kila mtu anajitafutia!


A chokoraa raping and impregnating some college girl is very funny if you think of the contrasting lifestyles the two lead.

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Not funny.
The least the taxi driver should have done is get the chokora off her.
Bit taking the purse and disappearing with her phone and money makes him a heartless pitiful and spineless thief.


leta hekaya ango!

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my highschool friend, who must have met hessy by now, used to be a thug during school holidays. He narrated to me how one time he and his crew dummied a mzee at tea room with a beer bottle and robbed him off everything. He seemed amazed by how much blood the old man was losing.

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Unabaka wanawake na vile wengiwao hutoa g-string kwa hiyari yao?? Upuss

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uwesmake, napendanga comments zako, but saa zingine nikama unahara na mdomo.
huyo taxi driver ni mkundu.


on point, yangu ilienda same spot august 2017. niliskia gari imetingika tu na jamaa akalost kwa hao vendors huwa hapo kando. twas around 8pm, didn’t bother to follow the bugger


naongeanga tuu ukweli and i dont give a phuck about any ones opinions especially feminazis there is a time nimeweka mpaka picha nikitomba dem ame chew ikangolewa after feminazis hue and cry