The worst bank/banking app in Kenya

I’ve been with Equity fore years and I love that they have a lot of branches and ATM’s, but now I’m considering switching because of how terrible their app is.
It’s slow, not well laid out (UI/UX design team didn’t deliver there) and just generally unreliable, leaving me stuck watching a loading screen for way too long, way too often.
Looking for a recommendation on new bank and/or comments on your experience on Equity and other banking apps.

Complaints about my question and typical ignorant & unoriginal comments like “meffi” aren’t welcome, peleka ujinga mbali tafadhali.


Si kuhang juu ya wateja wengi ama

They should know how to handle high traffic by now, every end month it’s the same story.
That’s not an excuse.

Kubalini ni bank ya ma member

imperial bank

Equity app is very slow even at midnight.

It’s slow even at midnight and raining


work hard make real money. you will be going to the bank on fridays to check how your money is doing.

unaweka hadi fixed deposit ya 7% ie unakopesha bank pesa

Hfck hao mafala wana transaction fees mwenda…but its vv user friendly.

Hamjatumia ya nbk… Total meffi app that one

DTB app looks good, the first screen you see has most of the info/services you need, and you can check your balance using your fingerprint, no pin necessary if you don’t want it. Equity on the other hand the first thing you’re greeted with is an ugly UI with your recent transactions front and center, and to do any transaction you have to go through a series of steps that just end up wasting your time.

For security there’s a limited amount of time of inactivity before it logs you out but it’s honestly an inconvenience, they should seriously implement fingerprint logins and create a better user interface that’s easier to use.

Hehee,Equity ni meffi kabisa…

Maaangai,kunisumbua wamenisumbua naskia nitafte mchawi wakule nyasi.

Endeni NCBA wako na app mpya sikumbuki inaitwa nini lakini, something like hoolo ama kitu kama hio