The world hypocricy on Russia Ukraine war. Manufactured outrage

I think we all know another war is being fought with information and propaganda. The people who are against Russia NOW would have easily supported the US if it did the same. The only difference is Russia has legitimate reasons for their actions. NATO is russia’s enemy and a threat to her existence. acha katambe


huh? seems wewe ukona insider info that the rest of us dont. enlighten us kind sir

You sound sadist? Ukraine did not invade any country. It is not a member of NATO. Russia should have invaded USA as per your logic. What legitimate reasons does Russia has? Putin did give any, he meandered about history, then Donbas. The main reason he gave was that he wants to denazify Ukraine

Why did Zelenskyy think the americans are the good guys? when its the exact opposite. Im sure he knew by opting for NATO he was declaring war on russia and was banking on US military support should the inevitable happen

Again, Ukraine is not a NATO member. If what you are saying is true, why has Russia not invade Latvia, Lithuania, Turkey or Norway. All those countries are its neighbours. Why do all of them Want NATO and not Russia yet most of them were in USSR together?

Have you been hacked? Normally you hate all things European lakini round hii naona uko team Ukraine. I expected you to be celebrating the white on white violence. Kwani wuotis?

Brainwashed by western media. They are always the Gods while everybody else is the demon.

Let’s see how it goes down, while we prepare ourselves, yetu imekaribia.

mbona Obama and his sidekick Biden hawakupiga Libya , Iraq, Afghan ma sanction na story iishie hapo ? mbona basi kama hao ni ndume wasiingie Stalingrad vile wali march Tripoli ? stupid Democrats

Hapa ndio mimi hunyamazisha mdomo nikiomba Mungu that whatever happens nikuwe salama tu.

Who said they need a reason?

Libya was already under sanctions. Iraq and Afghanistan’s were hardly a country when Obama came in. There was nothing to sanction.


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For strategic reasons of course. The soil around the dniper river is one of the most fertile in the world, Ukraine is a top food producer so wakitaka kufinya Europe wako sete. Alafu Ukraine also has warm water ports with access to the Mediterranean through the bosphorus, and it’s also the biggest country in Europe.

Warushe manukes tukufe,I have nothing to lose,ala!!!

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