The World Economy...

…as explained by Mike Hosking Breakfast:












Kenyan Corporation :

You don’t have cows. In fact you cannot own a cow! Politicians stole all the cows and pretend they work very hard to own them. Then they will use dummies to name the cows and bring them abroad so they’re all hidden. Then, they’ll go to church and praise the Lord!


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This sequence was always hilarious. I hadn’t seen it in a long time. Night made.

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Governance is just mean whether in communism , Facism or capitalism.

African Corporation:
You have two cows. You milk none of them. European comes and takes one cow then sells you milk.
Chinese comes, says he will give you loan to pay him to milk your remaining cow to sell you milk cheaply than European


A Tanzanian corporation.

You have your own cows roaming between borders for pastures.
Kenyan cows graze inside your border…
You capture them and Auction them!


Umeffi tuliona kabla hauja kua matriarch wa bimbo-hood

A Nigerian Corporation
you have two cows
One is a wealthy prince whose wealth has to be moved urgently out of the country due to civil war.
The cow needs you to send money for wiring out the money via Western Union via the following address
Omo Ike
1408 Palace Lane
Victoria Island ,Lagos
God Bless