The woman who kidnapped kanjo askari

Siwesmind road trip.

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Lanye wa kubleach

vomit GIF

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The anticlimax bana!

Huyo yake inakaa nashoro.

Are you mad? That’s the most obvious bleaching I’ve seen in a while

…hehe, mike huyo dem hakuwa mweusi, alikuwa cheupe, what she’s done ameongeza chumvi kiasi

Look at her without filters. Should be obvious to your naive eyes now

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Hehe, ni kinyanya kizee. Hizo filters…wueh!

There is always another day for pay back. Though I don’t like kanjo fools.

Dem sahii sijui anajiona some celeb of some sort or what? Saw Mpasho news was interviewing her im like WTF???

Nwy, najua amepata alot of followers huko shittok, so hiyo drama in some way imemsaidia kupata the attention she wanted